UK 40K Team Championships

Warhammer 40K Blood Angels Terminators and Cybot

Image by Thorsten Becker via Flickr

This weekend (1-2 October 2011) saw the Team Championships take place at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield.

Sixteen teams of 4 descended on the rather nice games emporium with carnage in mind and blood in their eyes. Our Team is called the Cold Steel Mercenaries and managed to come near the bottom of the results table…but with good reason.

We had all made a conscious decision not to take extreme competition armies. We wanted to have fun and generate those cinematic moments rather then the hard number crunching, probability assessments that goes on at the higher levels of tournament play. The result was great. We all four had a wonderful time playing opponents who we would not normally meet and I don’t think any of us had a bad game. Of course we lost a lot more games but did we enjoy it as much? I think we did. There’s a lesson there that winning isn’t everything but I think we all knew that before we went.

I took Space Marines, Gary took his Sisters army for a final outing before stacking then under the stairs with his Castigators. Rob took Blood Angels and Alex his trusty Space Wolves. They are all good solid armies in their own right, and all good players, but when they come up against the top tier tournament army builds they are found severely wanting!

Never the less at least we were not last and I managed to achieve the acolade of highest placed Space marine player. Get in!


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