2012 Invitational – small, but perfectly formed.

For almost ten years I have organised a small Invitational event for a select group of gamers and 2012 will be no different. This year I am hoping to have around 20 players descend on Maelstrom games at the end of January 2012.

The intention has always been to invite players with a ‘fun’ attitude to the game as the most important factor. This does not mean that everyone is a fluffy player or not very good – it means that there is a wide variety of player skills and a similarly wide range of armies. It also results in a great social weekend with players from all over the country, and some from overseas, bringing new ideas to the group.

The 2007 Invitees at Warhammer World

We squeeze in 8  x 1000 point games with restricted armies: only one HQ choice and a maximum of only two Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support choices. In addition I only allow two identical vehicles per army. Finally, just to really shake up the event, two of the games are ‘army swap’ where you play with your opponents army. I was always worried about this but as we are a small group who know each other well then there has been no resistance to this element which was introduced a couple of years ago.

I will post up the rules pack shortly.


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