Distracted already!

My friend Gary Marsh and I will be taking part in the Toy Soldier Doubles in Stockport on 19 – 20 November. Several more members of the Cold Steel Mercs will be supporting us in the fresh Autumnal air of South Manchester!

I mentioned earlier that something would derail me from getting my new projects started, let alone finished, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I find that the army list Gary and I want to take to the event involves remodelling several miniatures and repainting several more.

I will be ripping the plasma cannons from two armoured sentinels and replacing them with autocannons. In addition I will need to add heavy bolter sponsons to at least one Leman Russ tank. Now I know they are only little jobs but firstly I have to locate the spare parts in my enormous and badly sorted ‘bits’ box. Then I will have to attempt to damage the existing models as little as possible as I pry them apart, and finally I will have to try and match the paint schemes. From experience I know that none of these elements will go smoothly!

The result will be a delay in my new project timetable that I can ill afford if I want a new army during 2012. Never mind eh? At least I don’t have to paint an entire Eldar falcon in individual snake scale pattern like Gary.


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