Keeping the interest going

And I'd have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

For most of the players that I have invited to the Butler Invitational The Warhammer Forum will be a familiar landmark in their digital world. Like all events the higher the interest the more entrants you are likely to get, the higher the enthusiasm will be and the more fun will be had!

Some events are better at this than others. Neil Kerr and Tim King are experts at generating information for their events from the moment tickets go on sale until the day of the event. Both these terrific organisers ensure there is a constant stream of information available on the event websites or blogs but also on forums like the Warhammer Forum.

Event organisers that assume they can set up an event and the tickets will sell themselves are living in cloud cuckoo land. The best events build an image and reinforce it at each opportunity. For the Butler Invitational, there is no need to sell tickets but there is still a need to keep interest and enthusiasm going from now until the event in four months time. This blog helps to keep players informed but the Warhammer Forum opens the event to a wider audience and allows the players to act as advocates.

It’s all fun and games on The Warhammer Forum, Butler Invitational Thread.

Check it out here


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