Grey Knights. Dish of the Day?

This is how they should look!


Simple to paint, easy to use, cheap to buy and devastating on the table top. When you combine these aspects Grey Knights are the army de jure for the tournament gamer.

The problem is that I think Grey Knights are dull for the player and the opponent. I know that ‘ leaf blower’ guard has a ┬ásimilar reputation but at least one had to put some effort and cash into creating an effective army. The same cannot be said for Grey Knights. Even Jawaballs from the Bell of Lost Souls website has commented in a similar vein:

If winning the BFS really mattered to me I could simply do what Neal and many many others have done, build a GK army, spray it silver with a few colors to meet the 3 color minimum, and blast away. Minimal effort, big win.

So what is the default Grey Knight Recipe?

  1. First take your models. Spray silver, wash black, add two additional colours – probably on the base.
  2. Take several razorbacks with psybolt ammo. Mix in small units of troops and elites choices with a generous portion of psycannons.
  3. Add two or three Dreadnaughts with twin linked autocannon and drizzle with HQ and Heavy support choices to taste. Allow to stand for two hours shooting at the enemy until done.

Now all this sounds bitter but I’m not. Really I’m not because of two things. Firstly, the type of player who uses this army is just as likely to zoom off onto another ‘new’ army as soon as it comes out meaning less Grey Knights on the tournament circuit with the next codex release. Secondly, I am convinced that as the meta game changes this army will suffer because it is one-dimensional. Unlike the Eldar codex, the Orks and the Imperial Guard I feel that this codex will not last long as new rules and new codex’s come along.

It is so easy to acquire, so easy to use and so easy to play that I am minded of a comment my father used to say ‘Easy come, easy go’.


3 thoughts on “Grey Knights. Dish of the Day?

  1. Hi Mitch
    As with all codex it really depends on how you use them. I agree that at the sharper end of most tournaments this is the build of choice, simply to paint and easy to use, However there are other competitve builds you can do plus a lot of fluff based lists which should keep the non WAAC people interested for years to come. It is also a shame to see the standard of painting on most of the net lists you see around, they are such great models it seems a shame to just spray silver, dip and dap with 3rd colour.
    Overall i think it is a great codex with great models slightly tainted by the tournament scene and your right once other tournament players find the “rock” to Grey Knights “paper” the WAACERS will move on to the latest net list and the cycle will continue. Who remembers the Gaz BW lists, not seen one for ages,,,,,

  2. Myles,

    I agree with all you say and I was really referring to the present typical Grey Knight build. There are lots of fun builds in the codex that you rarely see. As I write, and think about it, I think the reason I don’t like the present favourite build is because it smacks of laziness. OK – its effective but for those who don’t care it can be bought, sprayed and on the table in double quick time. Watching an army with no care invested carve its way through armies that have been lavished with love is simply depressing!

  3. Having played against Myles’ lovely painted Grey Knights I can say that there are some very entertaining builds to be had from the codex, unfortunately it’s a rankers dream Codex so we aren’t seeing to many of them yet.
    Once everybody has worked out how to beat their spam, I’m sure we’ll see more entertaining lists like Myles’

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