Tim’s journey begins

Tim's Dad calls his kids in for tea

Well welcome to my first post for Mitch’s blog!  No idea how it’s going to pan out but hopefully the trip will be fun for all! For those who haven’t met me I am Tim (timmaaa is my TWF nick) and I have been playing/ collecting Games Workshop bits and bobs for about 18 years.  I have run several 40k events over the last 12 months and attend at least one war gaming event in the UK a month.  Oh and I’m based in Germany!! 

2011 was the first year I attended Mr. Butler’s Invitational (the Dark and Mysterious Mitch enticed me with promises of Stongbow) and I took a small but perfectly formed Dark Eldar list that ended up second to Allen’s Orks.  Had a cracking time, met some great new war gaming buddies and very pleased to be invited back!

(As we have already seen Tim asked for public ideas for an army and the final vote decided on a Mad Max themed Ork army that Tim will acquire, model and paint in les than three months. Good luck with that! Mitch)

Well the first thing to do is to research my theme and thanks to a recent purchase of an iPad 2 I can download the 3 Mad Max Films and watch whilst on the move (I am the Ultimate Road warrior after all..!!)

So stay tuned for post 2 where I will attempt to mix theme and list together!


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