Thousand Sons…It begins!

The first of the few!

After years of prevarication my first Thousand Sons unit has rolled of the creaking production line. As usual there will be a number of reasons that the rest of the army is delayed, primarily as I try to paint a few Necrons in the mean time! Let me know what you think.


6 thoughts on “Thousand Sons…It begins!

  1. Thanks guys. Actually I did paint their eyes but they are all wearing integrated sunglasses!

    Myles, I also fancy the red and ivory Pre heresy Thousand sons but as my existing marine chapter is painted that colour I couldn’t face another red and bone coloured army!

    Thanks for your replies. Always nice to know I’m not shouting into the darkness!

      • Geoff, There’s no way I’ll have them painted and secondly it is impossible to put together a Thousand Sons army at 1000 points. 😉 Try it and see!

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