Necron Warrior painting

Finished but not based. They look like they have lain undisturbed for millennia!

I wanted a simple technique to create my Necron warriors so that they looked good but didnt take long to paint. My aim was to have them look aged and worn and in addition I was determined to challenge myself by using a limited palette of colours.

I hoped they would look ancient but that the ‘workings’ would seem well tended during their aeons of slumber. The armour would be well worn but the moving components a glistening perfect silver!

I determined to use only grey and matt varnish spray, a sepia wash (from Army Builder) with, white, green, yellow, and silver paint. Not much to play with! The method was as simple as I could make it.

1. Undercoat with cheap grey spray available from a high street car accessory retailer.

Really rough white dry brush on grey base coat

2. Roughly highlight with white

3. Paint weapon workings, pipes and chest plate with bright green

4. Paint ball joints, struts and weapon bladees etc in silver

5. Wash the entire model with a watered down sepia wash.

6. When totally dry highlight all green areas and eyes with bright yellow,

Matt sprayed and just waiting silver highlight and gloss varnish

7. Spray matt varnish

8. Highlight silver areas with a second coat of silver.

9. Gloss varnish all silver areas. chest plate and eye sockets.

Job done.


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