Alex calls Ragnar off the bench!

Do these specs make me look clever?

One of the younger, and prettier, members of the Mercs is Alex West. He has a beautiful Space Wolves army and explains his plans for early 2012…

So I’m taking Ragnar to the Caledonian Uprising. I’ve been looking for an excuse to convert and paint a Ragnar model for a while now and with the larger points size of Caledonian plus the body of the metal wolf guard model in my bits box it seemed like the perfect excuse to put my limited conversion skills to work and make myself my very own superstar of the Space Wolf Chapter.

But why Ragnar?

Alex's unique Ragnar conversion

Well a number of reasons really. The main one is that my company is based around Ragnars, with the black wolf head on the yellow background so it only seemed fair the alpha male got to come out and play occasionally.

Secondly he is something a bit different. I’ve never seen him used before and recently i’ve grown bored of the spam 3 units of long fangs etc approach so its a bit of a breath of fresh air.

Thirdly, whilst he isn’t the most optimised pups HQ choice he isn’t a complete duffer. Sure he is expensive at 240pts but he hits like a sledge hammer with up to 8 I6 S6 power weapons attacks on the charge and with saga of the

Very nice conversion

warrior born he should have another 6 or 7 I5 S5 attacks in the next round of combat. In addition to being a bit of a monster himself he gives the squad he is with furious charge and can use his howl once a game to extend that to every unit within 12”. So all in all not bade. Sure he has some weaknesses, the obvious one being that he is not eternal warrior and ‘only’ has a 4+ invulnerable instead of the 3+ every man and his dog gets nowadays. But he should be good fun and that’s the main thing.



3 thoughts on “Alex calls Ragnar off the bench!

  1. Cheers mate looks better in the flesh 🙂

    Michael – you need a better picture of me. I’m easily the best looking member of the club so happy to arrange a photo shoot sometime!

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