Castigator’s New Eldar

Castigator in traditional combat posture

Greetings and salutations.

Welcome to my dark and twisted corner of the Cold Steel Mercs blog. With the sad demise of my Witch Hunters and my beloved Castigators becalmed within the Warp I thought it was time to work on a new army. After much deliberation I settled on the Eldar of Craftworld Saim Hann.
The reasons for choosing Saim Hann ranged from always wanting to do an army with jetbikes to wanting to use an army that isn’t overly popular, but the main reason was that I already had four units painted up and I thought it would be quicker….that didn’t quite go to plan!

Wonderful snake scale paintwork on Castigators Falcon

So in an effort to speed things along I thought I’d post up my progress on here and wax lyrically about my journey with the wild riders of Saim Hann.

After a bit of play testing against Neil (Skullcollector) and Rob (Rawhead) I settled a 1500pt list that I was reasonably happy with, unfortunately the standard tournament army size increased to 1750pts so it was back to the drawing board to workout a new list…D’oh!

Dire Avengers argue over who has the taxi fare.

So here is the first Falcon of the Stormrider Clan of Saim Hann, the Sword of Vaul and seen here is  the Storm of Asuryan otherwise known as DAVU (Dire Avenger Vehicle Upgrade) for
the Sword of Vaul.
Below is the ‘Twilight Wind’  my second troop choice made up of Jetbikes. They might not be the most lethal of units, (I can count their kills on one hand!) but they’ve stolen enough objectives in their time to become an integral part the Stormriders army.

Pizza anyone?

Finally, the  Flames of Asuryan is the first of the Fire Dragon units. The bane of all tanks everywhere with their fearsome Fusion guns….although oddly enough they seem to do more damage in combat. Their biggest achievement to date was the destruction of a Landraider with the Assault Terminator squad inside getting pinned, the next turn they killed four of the termies from shooting and charged in to club the final terminator to the Ground. The turn after they annihilated another Landraider and charged the two remaining Assault Terminators and Librarian that managed to scramble out of the wreckage. After seeing their Librarian beaten to a bloody pulp the remaining termies whiffed their attacks and promptly legged it….take that Mon-Keigh!

Did someone remember the bus pass?

All of these units were painted over 16 years ago, so the first thing I added was a Wave serpent for the Flames of Asuryan to get around the battlefield in.  So below is the Stormrunner my first Wave Serpent to carry around the Flames of Asuryan in style……it has never seen the end of a game yet.

Did someone call a cab?


3 thoughts on “Castigator’s New Eldar

  1. I still cant believe you went with the snakeskin. It looks amazing but must drive you insane to paint. Now get them finished so you can start a proper army 😉

    First game at Caledonian is going to be a blast. You have to promise not to blow up my landraider though!!

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