Butler Gossip – who’s taking what?

The attendees usually start to make a bit of noise about their lists at this time of year. Before I discuss the rumours I have heard on the grapevine I should point out that nothing I write here is guaranteed. Players have been known to mislead others and may well turn up in January with a totally different list. in fact I encourage them to do so and wreak as much havoc as possible.

Now that things are hotting up a few of the contenders are revealing their preferred armies. As usual Slaanesh Steve and Castigator are squabbling over who has the biggest holster and will have their usual side event deciding who will be top pixie! I hear that Nature Boy  is reverting to character and using Necrons. Funnily enough so is Booma and I will probably go with a silly Necron list as well. Gaz jones is lurching toward Eldar and Alex is promising to take Guard! (I’ve seen the list and as a Guard player he is being very brave). Everyone else is pretty quiet but that is because they are all scared and a little bit faye.

I will be running a sweepstake this year rather than a tote. All names will go into a hat and on the first morning each player will draw a name and pay me £1 for the privilege. That should mean that first place will receive £15, second place £6 and third place £3.


8 thoughts on “Butler Gossip – who’s taking what?

  1. OK peeps, I have decided this is going to be a larf for me and my opponents (except for army swap times LOL). So the old NURGLE dudes are to get a run out, before their codex gets a rewrite and is made shite LOLOLOL.
    HUUUMmmmmmmmmmmmmm !! Mind the flies !

  2. So I need something to swat Pixies then? Might take the Nurgle boys for a slither around the tables. I intend this to be a larf tourney for me and opposition (except in army swaps LOL) so I think the gribblies are due some excercise.

  3. I have decided that you all are so sad and whiney that I am gonna give you all easy wins in a bid for the Turkey. I will bring the every resilient and trophy winning Nurgle Boys out to play. I need the FNP re-rolls when I can get them. Prepare to be slimed!!!!!!!!!!!

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