Caledonian Uprising list

Just one small change to my normal list.

Caledonian Uprising is nearer than you think. This is a large, rather hard core, event held in mid January and designed to provide funding and practice to the Scottish European Team Championship team. Of course the event welcomes anybody who can help in either aspect so the Mercs will be there.

As I have my other projects on the go which will not be ready to meet the 1850 point target and I am reluctant to paint any more Marines I am forced to stretch my Marine army that I used at this years 1650 point Team Challenge. I’m also reluctant to change the formula that has been quite successful so the solution needs to be simple. I have decided to simply add a single Character to the list which you can see here. Marine 1850

Lysander will join the team. He brings a bit of fun and resilience. The good points are that he adds some combat to a marine unit that otherwise is defenseless in combat. In addition he makes all my units stubborn so they might survive longer when assaulted. He also gets to bolster a ruin so that’s two ruins that I can bolster. Finally his S10 hammer will come in handy against some of the T5 units that  are starting to crop up.

I have no doubt that this list is not optimum. I could have added a couple of attack bikes and a Typhoon which would have probably been better but after the last event I felt I lacked a little combat ability. I managed well enough as long as I was shooting but as soon as I was engaged the army crumbled. Hopefully Lysander will make opponents think twice.

So there you have it. The Angels Incarnate are out for one last outing before the Necrons arrive.


4 thoughts on “Caledonian Uprising list

  1. I should ‘fess up’ that the model I have posted is an image I robbed from the interweb and not my own. My Lysander is not as well painted and has clearly seen a lot more combat than the one shown here judging by the state of his armour!

    The last time I used him Booma turned him into a Spawn so the auguries are not looking good!

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