Secret mission cards!

I have had secret mission cards produced and don’t they look professional? There are also a couple of rules clarifications to mention but nothing game changing so read on dear reader and be educated.

There are four different secret mission cards and each player  will be issued with two of each at the start of the tournament. There are eight games so each player MUST play a card at the start of each game – after the sides are chosen but before the initiative is seized…or not. Of course these missions are secret so the card should be played face down and you should not tell your opponents what you have played until the game is over…of course you might want to tell them just to keep it interesting but that rather defeats the point.

The second clarification is that in the Seize and control games we will be playing with four objectives. One might think that this would lead to a slew of draws but I suspect not given the large tables and only 1000 point armies.  That’s it for now. Please feel free to congratulate me on my super secret mission cards!


6 thoughts on “Secret mission cards!

  1. Did Annie show you how to do them?

    They look great mate, perhaps you have at last found your true vocation in life

  2. Maybe these are what I have been waiting for…something fancy to aid me in not “bein’ robbed” for a 4th time! lol =0p
    I’ll take the oppertunity now and say; if I loose i dont care, I am not using “my army” so it doesnt count.

    And by not using my army I also cannot loose the title of champion of chaos either…

    Feels funny not using Chaos, but at least I’m not flying back to my Tau!

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