The Draw is up!

You read it here first!

Holy Smoke! the time is upon us when we can start mocking our potential opponents and trying to dent their confidence with pre event insults and general denigratory chat.

It is still not clear what everyone is taking and there’s plenty of time for obfuscation. 

Alex West (Guard) v Chris Swaine

Allen El Sour v Courtney Rhodes (Orks)

Gary Marsh (Eldar) v Pete Bradley (Orks)

Gaz Jones (Eldar) v Steve Pearce (Eldar)

Geoff Hamilton (Grey Knights) v Tim Read (Tyranids)

Iain Miller (Blood Angels) v Brian Aderson (Dark Angels)

James Ramsey (Sisters) v Rob Kancidrowski (Blood Angels)

Matt McVeigh (Tau) v Michael Bolton (Necrons)

Neil Gibbons (Daemons) v Charlie McLeod

Neil Kerr (Hells Angel Marines?) v Tim King (Orks)

Paul Scott v Toby McLeod


One thought on “The Draw is up!

  1. Well I can say for certain that I am not using anything Nurgle-esque this year. Your very much off the mark there dude 😉

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