Caledonian Uprising feedback

Quite unbelievably, despite taking my camera and having a telephone with a perfectly adequate camera I did not take a single photograph over the weekend! I’d like to say this was due to maintaining high levels of focus and meditation between games but actually it was more likely due to a combination of excitement, chat and booze!

I had six very good games and I wish I could remember more about them.

Game One

Rob Cullen and his Khorne beserkers in Rhinos and a Landraider. As always Rob is a great opponent. His was a fluffy army that had one major weakness – his only long range shooting was from the Landraider and two Oblits. He reserved his Oblits and the Landraider was usually moving in order to deliver its deadly cargo of death. For the first three turns therefore I was able to shoot quite a few transports. In addition he deep struck his Oblits too close to my Landraider and Lysander leapt out and killed them. In return Kharne killed Lysander but it was a good swap as from then on it was a case of my army shooting until the weapons were too hot to hold! 19 – 1 to me.

Game Two

Grey Knights with three landraiders and 2 Storm ravens faced me across the table and I have only one melta gun in my army! Another good game where I was able to shoot down the Storm Ravens but simply could not stop the Landraiders. Even worse when the land raiders got into close range they disgorged 6 deathcult assasins which are very nasty indeed – especially when they get hammer hand etc! I lost this one 19 -1

Game Three

First time playing against Rob Syms Necrons was a steep learning curve. I had enough fire power to stop his entire army but of course I couldn’t see them as his solar pulses made the first two turns into night fight! Rob moved a barge too near and Lysander charged from my landraider and ripped it from the sky. My Terminators debussed seperately and spread out in a line to block a unit of scarabs from chgarging my Land raider. Rob then fired a few desultory tesla shots at the terminators who rolled three ‘1’s and died! Things quickly went from bad to worse. Rob won the game but it was close and good fun.

Game Four

Dan Eatch and his Eldar – three wave serpents and three Falcons spelt real trouble for me as I know how dangerous they are and difficult to kill. However, for the third time in this event my opponent moved Eldrads Wave serpent too near to my Landraider as he tried to manufacture a multi charge on my predators, and 5 terminators with Lysander jumped out and tore the Waveserpent from the sky. Eldrads seer council and Lysanders unit then spent the entire rest of the game trying to kill each other. Dan got the primary objectives but I got the secondary by getting more kill points and I also got more victory points so this game was a creditable 10 – 10. The game ended on turn five but we both agreed that another turn would have seen me win quite big as Dans army was down to very little by then. I was very pleased with this result against an Eldar army that I would have expected to beat me badly. PS. Yriel’s eye killed nine marines and made me cry!

Game Five

More Eldar with Eldrad and Yriel. This time my old friend Matt McVeigh had three falcons loaded with Harlequins and Warlocks. This time I couldnt handle the indestructable Falcons and the nasty assaulting ‘Quins. 16 – 4 to Matt. The game was closer than the score line indicates and my Thuderfire cannon caused his Rangers and jet bikes no end of trouble, but I think that Matt had this one in the bag from the get go.

Game Six

Space wolves with the standard load out of 3 x 6 Long fangs etc etc. I thought I was doomed in this one but I was wrong! As it was the last game I threw caution to the wind and Teleported my terminators and Librarian into the middle of the Space Wolves army. At the same time a unit of Marines boarded the land raider, joined Lysander and shot forward with blood in their eye and intent on getting stuck into the small five man units in razor backs. This was a game of two halfs. For the first half I struggled. Murderous hurricane killed three of my terminators when they tried to move (I now know that I could have saved these wounds with my 3+ invulnerable – doh!), and Lysander lost three wounds to normal grey hunters before he smashed them all down. This was a kill point mission and Richard’s army had a lot of small units so that by the end of the game I was able to win comfortably. I was helped by my immobilised Landraider surviving 5 seperate melta gun shots and still being able to hose down a unit of long fangs desperately trying to hide in a ruined temple! End result 12 – 8 to me

Overall the event was great. 110 players is always good and I fought a good selection of armies. Chaos marines, Grey Knights, Necrons, Eldar and Space Wolves. This was great and is one reason why the top tables at some events can get stale, at least in  mid table you are pretty sure of fighting something other then the big three! (Guesses anyone?)

Maelstrom are getting their act together for food now and the kitchen worked well – even cake in the afternoon! There is till not enough room between tables (some players can be quite large) and there should have been a little more LOS blocking terrain. Overall I had a great time and I wish the Scottish team good luck at the ETC. If this is the kind of fundraiser they can put on then I wish them well.

Finally I should mention that CSM stalwart Mr Marsh was best placed Eldar player and CSM proby Alex West did extremely well but was more thrilled to receive the best painted army award. Well done to you both.


3 thoughts on “Caledonian Uprising feedback

  1. It was a good week end, and nice tocatch up with everyone. We did well. 2 nominations, a best in race and a best painting,

    We rok

  2. Get that trophy cabinet up Mike 🙂

    Call it trophies of the fang or summat!

    So happy with best painted. If only Gary could hold off finishing his Eldar for a while now that would be great… 🙂

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