Necrons at 1000 points…If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!

I'm a soul (less) man....

I thought I had decided on my 1000 point Invitational list but after playing Rob Sim’s Necrons at the weekend I have changed my mind. The problem is that I am insisting on using large units of warriors, at least as far as possible.

At higher points levels that is more feasible as you can have two Royal Courts and each unit can be buffed with crypteks and Lords plus HQ characters. At 1000 points however, you cannot afford the two overlords to unlock your Royal Court options, never mind the crypteks them selves, so the decisions become increasingly challenging.

Rob had five man warrior squads with two crypteks in each armed with Eldritch Lance. These little units therefore had two S8 AP2 weapons with a 36 inch range…very handy I am sure you will agree and each Cryptek costs 35 points! I do intend to persevere with using big bricks of warriors as I like the look of them. I’m not keen on Command Barges but I do like the look of Triarch Stalkers and I would not be surprised if I managed to scratch build one or two in the  near future.

I realise from experience that it is never easy making a 1000 point list but I think if one is using Necrons it is even more difficult. (I expect a certain amount of debate here as I think everyone will be experiencing the same issues)

Anyway, with three days to go my list for the Invitational has morphed into this:

Necron Overlord, Phaeron, Resurrection Orb, Warsythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Phase Shifter  (He’s a bit pricey and can barely walk for  all the kit he’s carrying)

Cryptek, Tremor Stave, Seismic Crucible

Cryptek, Eldritch Lance, Solar Pulse,

Cryptek, Eldritch Lance

6 x Scarab swarm

20 x Warriors

5 x Warriors

5 x Warriors

1 x Annihilation barge

1 x Annihilation barge

I make that 1000 points on the button.


7 thoughts on “Necrons at 1000 points…If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!

    • It’s not that good but it’s the best I can do with the models I have. Please note that I haven’t gone with Wraiths or Command barges which I can guarantee would have been used by more waaced out players. Besides any close combat unit will tear me up and chase me down.

  1. I played Rob on Tuesday (club night) with similar list versus my Thunderwolf based list. It didn’t go well, for me. Lots of tesla can be pretty harsh.

  2. Taking Necrons then?

    I’ve finalised my guard list. Whoever doesn’t table me has to buy me a pint…

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