2012 Invitational – The result

A fine body of men!

Another year has passed and Allen has taken away Thermofax, the Dragon Trophy, for the second consecutive year. Well done Allen a great performance leaving the rest of the invitees in your dust!

The scrap for the top prize however pales into insignificance compared with the back biting, scratching and clawing cat fight that revolved around avoiding the Golden Turkey!

(More photos will be added as I have them)

Tim (left) receives the ultimate accolade from'The Mitch'

Pete was determined not to repeat last years disaster. In fact for Pete the entire 2011 was his Annus Horribilus (Horrible bottom!) as demonstrated in the Battle Honours section. Toby, a previous holder of the Turkey fought hard and only managed to get a few points in the last couple of games that lifted him out of danger. The proud holder for 2012 is Tim Read. His Tyranids found the competition a bit rich and simply let him down on the day.

The feedback so far has all been positive. Eight games is a lot to fit in but the late start on Sunday seemed to make the day feel much more relaxed. It’s amazing what a good breakfast and six cups of coffee will do for you! The Mystery missions seemed to work as well and there were no problems with the army swaps. It must be a sign of how rubbish my Necron army was that in both army swap games I managed to beat my own army comprehensively! Thanks to Timmaaa and Courtney for those two games both of which I enjoyed immensely. Courtney went on in the last game to repeat the exercise and, with vengeance burning in his eyes, wrecked my army in clinical fashion. (Thanks Courtney – I learned more about Orks than I ever wanted to know)

One of these Eldar is a murderer!

There were many cinematic moments, and I hope others will add theirs to this blog, but one that sticks in my mind was my game against Gary. My Necrons, on the verge of losing the game, engaged his Seer Council in hand to hand combat – never a good option for Necrons, but desperate times and all that. I never expected my mind shackle scarabs would cause one of his three remaining warlocks to attack and kill the other two and then die himself. The Farseer was so stunned by this turn of events that he promptly failed his morale check and fled!  I did laugh but I felt very bad as I looked at Gary’s disbelieving face…and he had rolled all the dice while I stood back in stunned silence! Ahhhh, happy days!

You charge it. After you. No, I insist, after you...

There was a great selection of armies and surprisingly a lack of the big tournament armies. In the ETC world one would have expected to see Wolves, Grey Knights and Guard at the top with Dark Eldar close behind. At the Invitational we saw only one Guard army, one Space Wolves and no Grey Knights! I expect this happened for two reasons. Firstly the event is only 1000 points with strict composition rules designed to limit spammed units, but secondly the event is casual and friendly and winning with a ‘bent’ army would result in enormous amounts of ridicule on the forums and, indeed, face to face!

There were 3 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Daemon, 3 Orks, 1 Necron, 1 Guard, 3 El;dar, 2 Blood Angels, 1 Space Wolf, 1 Tyranid, so a good selection and the lists were amazingly varied. Iains Blood angels army fitted in its entirety into a Storm Raven! Fantastic!

The Results

Allen El Sour, Chaos Space Marines 101

Neil Gibbons, Daemons 77

Courtney Rhodes, Orks 77

Michael Bolton, Necrons 73

Alex West, Guard 71

Gary Marsh, Eldar 70

Steve Pearce, Eldar 66

Paul Scott, Chaos Space Marines 63

Rob Kancidrovski, Flesh Tearers, 63

Pete Bradley, Orks 61

Iain Miller, Blood Angels 59

Chris Swaine, Eldar 52

Chas McLeod, Orks 50

Tim King, Space Wolves 50

Toby McLeod, Chaos Space Marines 45

Tim Read, Tyranids 29

Where did it all go wrong?


2 thoughts on “2012 Invitational – The result

  1. Cinematic moment of the weekend; last game against Tims Ultrawolves. My Death Co had been shot to bits and by turn 4 Astorath was the only Angel on the table and I was losing 4-2 on KPs. Astorath then showed just why he’s the High Chaplain of the Blood Angels and their successors. In 2 turns he chopped up a Grey Hunter pack, 2 Long Fang packs and a Rune Priest to win me the game 6-4. Epic!
    Fantastic weekend Mike, cheers.

    • PS. The Death Co actually won 4 games out of 8. Unfortunately for me 2 of them were the army swap games.

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