Jolly Toys rethink

With the event only three weeks away and with the opportunity to play with and against Necrons at Caledonian Uprising and the Invitational I have resubmitted a slightly different list. I am still steering clear of the Wraith/Command barge combo that seems so popular and I think my list will be fun..but not that good.

Essentially I have two big blocks of troops that I can add zany powers to if I attach the right Cryptek and with a resurrection orb in each they should be pretty resilient. The main problem is that anything that assaults necrons will probably win and cause a leadership check that will catch 400 points of robots and kill them all. I am hoping that with Vargard’s teleport ability, the Monoliths teleport ability, and the Phaeron I can keep out of the way –   at least for a while. However i will eventually get caught and that is where the Harbingers of the Storm kick in. With two in an assaulted unit they deliver 2D6 S8 AP5 hits on any assaulting unit. Combine this with Nemesor’s counter charge ability and Vargard’s compulsory pile-in and I have half a chance of hanging around. If I survive the real bonus is in my turn when Vargard can teleport the whole unit somewhere safe! I’ve never tried it yet but it’s worth doing just to see the expression on your opponents face!

Two small troop choices with a Cryptek armed with an Eldritch lance gives me some flanking fire and the Storm Lord keeps me in the dark as long as he can while his lightning does its thing. One little trick I learned from Rob Sims was to use the Chronometron with a teleporting unit and re roll one of the scatter D6’s if you dont like it, it’s only a small thing but it can make the difference between a mishap and an ideal placement. (Rob you are a gaming giant)

I did well with the Necrons at the Invitational sneaking in at fourth place but I now realise that the Necrons only won two games! (The army swap helped be when I played against them, and beat them both times) So two wins out of eight does not auger well!

Resubmissionv1 Here’s the new list. Laugh all you want, I WILL make it work!


5 thoughts on “Jolly Toys rethink

  1. Hey Mike,

    The big unit of troops is something I keep wanting to put in my lists but i’m too scaredy-cat to do so. If they’d had stubborn then it’s worth it but otherwise a bit risky. Needs the minus D3″ off your charge and move in d terrain royal court powers to be effective in my head.

    List looks different which is great! Hope i play it as it’s always nice to play something different than the normal stereotype list. Although you may not like Meph and Sanguinor if I get there…and indeed paint the suckers!

    Controversial part: On the use of the chronometron for re-rolling scatter dice, not sure you can use it to re-roll one D6 out the two. I remember the wolf FAQ specifically says you can’t use the standard to re-roll any 1’s in your Ld test as the Ld test is two D6 and not a D6 like everything else. That part may be complete rubbish but I’m sure I read something about that somewhere. When i get home I will look it up for you!


    • Chris, I agree with everything you say – especially the part where you emphasise that the blocks are very fragile versus close combat units – and although I will try to stay away from dedicated combat troops one has to accept that eventually you will be caught!

      As for the D6 debate the book says you may “re-roll one of (his) D6 rolls each phase”. My interpretation is that I am re-rolling one D6 – not half of 2D6! My intent is to continue to do it until told otherwise but in my mind there is no clear reason NOT to use the ability as I have suggested.

      I too hope you will be there. My wife was very happy to pack me off when my kids were small so as she realised one of us needed to remain sane – perhaps you might try that card!

      • Found it now, when it’s a 2D6 roll, you can’t re-roll, i.e. form of a Ld test. When it’s pick one of two, or three, like difficult terrain, you can re-roll. From the necron or GT FAQ. So yeah its a fun trick that I might use in mine.

        Ha, don’t think she will mind too much, got my first tournament this weekend at Vapnartak, may have to tweet my way through it seen as that’s the new crazy kid craze.

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