Tournament Attendance

So my first article and closely following Michaels great “The Psychology of lists” I’m interested in generating some sensible debate on which events you most like attending throughout the year and why?
Personally for me it has changed throughout the last twelve years that I’ve been attending 40K/Wargaming events. When I started back in 2001 I went to the only Games Workshop 40K GT (at Warhammer World), held during the year with a guy I knew from a local Gaming store in Scarborough. At that time I didn’t know anybody else on the scene, and as far as I was aware (at least) there wasn’t an online 40K community.
Since then the events I’ve attended have expanded tremendously, from GW’s Conflicts, GT Heats, WPS events, (the Original) Toy Soldier events, Open War to more recently Vapnartak, The Caledonian, Indie GT, GW Doubles, and even a Tempus Fugitives Heresy campaign weekend in 2010.
I got a bit bored with 40K around Spring 08 and had about 18 months out playing Bloodbowl, but returned with renewed enthusiasm for the last year of GW’s GT Heats in November 2009.
Since the demise of the GW GT’s I think the 40K events scene has really started to change considerably (at least from my perspective-but that’s another topic entirely). Now adays for me I look for numerous different things (venue, value for money, event type, organisers, previous event pedigree, who else is going etc.). Whilst all of these things are important and form smaller parts of the equation I most enjoy meeting up with friends, acquaintances and old adversaries. I do also enjoy seeing lovingly painted and converted armies, however this seems to have lost alot of it’s Kudos over recent years.


2 thoughts on “Tournament Attendance

  1. Rob, thanks for that. Things have changed a lot I agree. In 2000 when I first started playing 40K the events were generally held in school halls, on kids tables organised by clubs. The game has certainly become more competitive and for those hard core tournaments ‘soft’ scores have become less important.

    As you elude to however this has brought with it an explosion of events of every type and that can only be a good thing. In fact what this means is that we can no longer be lazy and we now have to decide caqrefully what kind of event we want to go to. For me I want to attend event with my friends. This often results in compromises where I go to events because my mates are.

    Having said that I always enjoy the social side and welcome the challenge that painting deadlines provide – generally driven by tournaments. I am desperately trying to be intellectual!!

  2. Lots of reasons for lots of events. I generally go to the same events most years as they have become familiar and I know the format. Club Challenge is fun and less hardcore. Toy Soldier (as was, now the Ribble Rumble) because it’s local to me, and now our club run it. IndyGT for that one hardcore event that despite knowing otherwise, this just might be the year. BritCon because it’s a full weekend (6 games, with the first on Friday evening) and 2000 points. Also, as we get older and have other things going on in our lives, we have to strike a balance between our wants and other peoples needs. I don’t bother with the hardcore stuff anymore because a). I know I’m not that good, and b). there are only so many weekends I can fit in so choose the ones I’ll have fun at.

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