Eldar Corsairs review

There has been a  lot of mutterings about Forgeworld and their new 40K approved rules that allow use of Forgeworld kit in ‘normal’ games. There are a few army lists that have already appeared and been ‘approved’, the Elysian drop troopers is one, but the one that some of my friends have been talking about is the Eldar Corsairs. What do I find on Bell of Lost Souls this morning but a great article on exactly that. click here and be enlightened!


2 thoughts on “Eldar Corsairs review

  1. If tournaments would grow a pair of balls and allow them to be used, I’d be spending an obscene amount of money on these. The models look ace and the rules are anything but over powered. Unfortunately some ‘tournament players’ don’t know if they’re ‘balanced’ or think it’s ‘unfair’ to use Forge World….don’t know why, as it’s not like most of the Codices are balanced 😉

  2. I certainly agreed with Gary on this one, however a recent remark on TWF along the lines of “40K doesn’t need forgeworld” from a player I believe falls into the current hardcore tourney collective about sums up what I suspect will be the perspective taken by said hardcore tourney players.

    That said Gaz Donnelly is currently seeking interest from players as to their thoughts on a FW themed event.

    Variety is the spice of life (or so they say) so the more varied lists I get to play against the better.

    I still think it’s a shame TO’s stopped players using the lists in the Armageddon and Eye of Terror Codex add ons.

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