Jolly Toys review

In my sorry defeat I was hoping  my friends would provide comforting words such as “what do you expect, you’re army wasn’t up to much”. However, what actually happened was my mates told me that I had a beardy army and should have won more games!

I certainly intended to challenge myself by omitting some popular and key units, but I am informed by the great and the good that by including three special characters I had NOT handicapped myself at all. Therefore let me humbly prostrate myself and apologise publicly for taking a cheesy army and, therefore by implication, for playing poorly. My short review follows.

Game One. Gareth – Blood Angels

Blood Angels with five or six Dreads and three Storm Ravens. A great game that was much closer than I expected it to be. I managed a lucky Edritch Lance shot on Turn one to wreck one Raven and then gauss flayered or scarab’d the other two until they were floating sheds. Ultimately we drew on the Primary, which I think was kill points, and Gareth managed to beat me on the secondary by having 20vp’s more in a single quarter than I did! Very close and great fun. 18 – 7 to ‘fatty’

Game Two. Paul – Space Wolves 

This was the only game I won. Paul had an unusual Space Wolf army in that it was all on foot. The normal three units of long fangs plus four grey hunter squads, two units of scouts, Grimnar, and a couple of Rune Priests.

Paul deployed first across his board edge so I deployed in one corner hoping to move across the board and destroy the long fang unit and Grey Hunter that I was facing.  My plan kind of worked. I teleported to right in front of one long fang unit with 20 warriors and killed half of them straight away.    Grimnar got involved and was ultimately gunned down by the other 20 man unit but one of the Rune priests was able to ‘jaws’ Oberon, and four crypteks before he was assaulted by eight remaining warriors and clubbed to the ground.    Paul played a good game but I was able to concentrate all my army against half of his whilst he went for the objective markers. He was unlucky in that a unit of Scouts arrived on the ‘wrong’ side and the other arrived just before 12 scarab bases!       20 – 5 to me

Game Three. Tim – Grey Knights (Paladins)

I lost this one on turn one due to lack of understanding of the Grey Knight codex! I was convinced that 12 scarab bases charging his ten Paladins would cause Tim trouble due to entropic strike. What I did not realise is that with ‘hammer hand’ and ‘might of titans,’ not to mention force weapons, Tim would kill all my scarab bases instantly before they could do anything! That was exactly what happened, but it got worse. Tim’s consolidation move, after killing the scarabs, meant that in his turn he was able to charge one of my large 20 man bricks – which broke and ran (Terminators could not sweep it, but it was still running). After that it went from bad to worse as I realised just how tough Paladins are to kill. I lost 20 – 5 but Tim was a gentleman and gently showed me what Paladins could do.

Game Four. Neil – Daemons

It is always a delight to play my old Mate Skulltaker. His Daemon army is very nasty with two units of Crushers, Fiends, Fateweaver, Horrors, Lord of Change, Hounds, Plague marines etc. When Neil got the ‘wrong’ wave I thought I was in with half a chance but I should have known better! Necrons do not ‘do’ close combat so a daemon army was always going to cause me problems.

On turn one Neil dropped in a unit of crushers that arrived a couple of inches away from my small unit of warriors on my right flank. His Fiends arrived in the middle of the table and his Plague bearers arrived near the Fiends. I moved forward with Zandrakhs unit and then teleported Oberons unit even further forward but within six inches of him allowing me to rapid fire at the fiends. ‘BOOM’ they all die in a hail of gauss flyer fire. After that it all goes down hill! Fateweaver arrives next to the plague bearers that have an icon and the plague bearers charge Oberons unit tying it in combat. Lots of, deep strike mishaps by both sides and much death and destruction later I realise that if the game ends on turn five by some miracle I will win on kill points! Of course it doesn’t and I lose 20 – 5. Great game and quite close until the very end.

Game Five. Peter – Grey Knights (Paladins)

One would have thought that I would know what to do against Paladins after game 3. I had learned some lessons and spent my entire game keeping out of their way! This did mean that although I controlled two objectives Peter controlled three. One of them with a Dreadnaught with no arms – If only I could have killed him rather than ‘disarmed’ him the primary would have been a draw. I would probably still have lost, but again it was a close, cat and mouse game, as I teleported across the table to avoid his Paladins and he ‘shunted’ a Dread knight into my face. End result was 20 – 5 to Peter and well deserved too.

My final position was 58th out of 70 players – not looking good for the 40K GT in March!


7 thoughts on “Jolly Toys review

  1. Nice report Michael and it certainly sounds like it was a good weekend.

    Yes you crashed and burned with your Necrons at this tourney, but you haven’t been playing them for long and it sounds like you faced up against some quite hard and well established lists, so I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

    However taking three speacial characters, I’d suggest turning to the WAAC side your are!

  2. Dont give up on the crons, in a few of the games I popped across to check out you looked to be holding your own, which with a new and tricky to use codex is pretty good going.

    the crons look as though they have a lot of potential you just need the game time to un-lock it.

    It also does not help facing the armies you did in your first tournament

    • Myles, Thanks for the supportive words. In fact of the four games I lost, two were (I think un-winnable – against Paladins). Of the other two versus Fatty Donnelly’s Blood Angels in Ravens, and Neil’s Daemons, both were very close and could have gone either way – but the end result is what counts. Next time may be different!

      Thanks again. it’s good to hear some positive feedback.

      • Fatty Donnelly had Blood Angels!!!! – I am shocked I thought he was running Gay Kites. Darn generic Armies.

  3. Yep. Gareth had three Storm Ravens, 3 Psyfleman dreads, 2 Venerable dreads and assorted deathcult, acolyte, character spam. 😉 Very nasty really. Funnilly enough I was able to deal with the Ravens but the long range autocannon fire was painful.

  4. So he had Grey Knights then, not Blood Angels?

    I had a BS rules call but other than that a very relaxing weekend which was just what the doctor ordered, although i didn’t do that great in the games. Found myself making silly mistakes but not bothered as the main aim of the weekend was to unwind a bit which was mission successful.

    • LOL! I can’t remember what breed of marines he had! But he did have three dreads with two twin linked autocannons plus three Ravens, two Venerable dreadnoughts and a bunch of dudes! Might have been Grey Knights or Blood Angels. Ah! They were painted silver and he definitely had deathcult assassins so it must have been Grey Knights. Phew! got there in the end. Thus I fought three Grey Knights, Wolves and Daemons…what terrible match ups for me! LOL!±

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