Space Vampires

Howdy all,

So it may not be the biggest secret in the world but recently i’ve been looking for a new army to love. I looked at Orks (too many models and i don’t like the basic boys), Necrons (every man and his dog was doing them when i looked at them and for me you really need 2 solar pulses for them to be effective), Grey Knights (not a fan of the models), Eldar (too outdated although the forgeworld stuff is nice) and Dark Eldar (really not my play style).

Which left Blood Angels. I had reservations about taking on another marine army but i think the models are just fantastic with so much conversion possibility. Also the Angels open up a whole range of units which i just wouldn’t ever use with my Wolves. I’m thinking the Land Raider, Terminators, Predators, Dreadnoughts etc. The codex is strong with a whole range of options which should give it longevity, much like the Wolf codex.

After discussions with various people i’ve kind of decided on a colour scheme although i would like to branch out of GW paints if possible. The basic technique (still to be tried out) is spray grey, spray red, wash with green ink, highlight with blood angel red, highlight with blazing orange, wash with red ink.

Whilst i wait for my bits and pieces to arrive in the post i’ll leave you with a short video showing a sneak peak of a cracking mephiston conversion.


3 thoughts on “Space Vampires

  1. Interesting idea for you paint scheme Alex, I’ll be very intrigued to see your test model when it’s complete.

    That Mephiston conversion is just amazing. I wonder how many hour of sculpting and modeling that took.

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