Good bye Flames of War

5RTR, April 1942.....ahhhhh, only memories now.

It’s been a tough few years for me and I have had to cut back on my wargaming activity. I enjoyed Warhammer Ancients and Flames of War. I havent played Warmaster or Epic for a couple of years and as the ‘credit crunch’ has bitten I have thought long and hard about the systems I can fit into an increasingly busy life. Recently I have sold a few of my rule books and some Warhammer Ancients but yesterday I sold all of my Flames of War armies.

It’s a real shame but as I haven’t played them since the previous edition it was time for them to go to  a new home and so it is with deep regret that I waved goodbye to my British Grant Company and my Tunisian era Italians.

Of course this does mean that I can concentrate a little more on my 40K projects but it is a sad time nonetheless as I think back to the hours I invested in painting those little Tommys and Bersaglieri. This got me thinking why am I sticking with 40K, as I could just as easily have sold my 40K armies and concentrated on another system. I think there are a number of reasons but foremost amongst them are the social network I hae developed around playing 40K. I am lucky in that I also am good friends with many players who play other systems but I think this is the main reason. Secondly 40K is an expansive universe that means there is never a shortage of projects.

I remember abandoning historical gaming when the events became full of extremely competitive players who premeasured to within one thousandth of an inch and who criticised everyone for not being ‘historical’. I rationalised that this was the reason I moved to 40K where historical arguments were at best academic and at worst ridiculous; but my recent decision to stick with 40K leaves me with no rational explanation other than I enjoy the game, the friends it has brought me and the constantly evolving debates and discussions.

As I write this I am not finding a convincing argument for choosing 40K above any other system except that it just feels ‘right’ at this time in my life. In ten years I may feel entirely different but for now I seem to be a 40K whore and there’s an end to it! If anyone can explain why one game system appeals more than another please let me know!



7 thoughts on “Good bye Flames of War

  1. As to why any of us stick with 40K, that’s a hard one. I used to play a number of other systems (WFB, Epic, etc) but like yourself said goodbye at some point.

    I’ve had friends try to tempt me with new systems such as H&WM but as much as I like the models and the supporting rules and army books (for background and content) I just don’t want to take the plunge.

    Having been with 40K since it’s inception (I can’t believe it’s 25 years ago), it’s both comfortable and so expansive, so there’s generally always something new (Forge World expansions etc.)

    Your comment “I remember abandoning historical gaming when the events became full of extremely competitive players who premeasured to within one thousandth of an inch and who criticised everyone for not being ‘historical”, really echoes how I see the 40K tournament scene evolving.

    Whilst that won’t make me abandon 40K it’s seriously making me look at what events I now want to attend (and I know from talking to numerous other longer attending tournament players this is quite a growing feeling).

    • Rob. trust me its no where as bad as the historical grognards. in addition because the community is so big you can chose which events to go to and in the mid tables the opposition is always diverse. This is not the direction i wanted this thread to go as the you get competitive players in every system. As an example fow players are at the tank museum this weekend playing a campaign rather than a tournament.

  2. It’s so obvious why you have chosen 40k over all other systems……ME!

    I agree that the same problems plague 40k, but fortunately it is such a well established gaming system that there are plenty of different styles of events to choose from.
    Like Rob I’m so sick of hearing the Rankers moaning about their precious positions that I’ve considered calling it a day, but then I think of all the friends I’ve made and that I still enjoy playing the game, that I just ignore their posts (not always easy when I’m a Mod and I have to read all of their posts) and continue to build and play armies the way I want to.

    It’s a wonderful hobby 40k, with many aspects to it. Cool models, painting, converting, the background (most of the books are a good read), playing campaigns, playing tournaments, gaming with your mates over a beer, talking endlessly on the phone with your mates over an idea that you’ve had, that I’m damned if I’m going to let a few Rankers who think they’re celebrities spoil it for me.

    Okay, rant over….blush……stick with 40k because it’s fun 😉

  3. Sorry Michael, I didn’t mean to jack your thread.

    A bit like Gary I just really enjoy the whole ethos of the 40K hobby experience, be it the models and collecting them, the painting and modeling, the gaming experience and all the background ( Rules/codexs & novels).
    Added to this is the social side of things. It really has so much potential I just wish it was a little cheaper.

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