Why Rampage in Bristol?

Not that kind of Rampage!

After having to cancel the 40K GT and War of the Roses I needed to get my tournament fix. I scanned the forums and was bewildered by the number of events that are available for the 40K player. It wasn’t long ago that there were only half a dozen events each year that were worth going to, but now there are dozens. I wonder if there were always as many but most were club events that were local and with little way of promoting them? In the good old days the only promotion was to advertise in a  war gaming magazine but today the internet allows for every event to have a voice. So why the Bristol Rampage? 

This is an interesting debate as the reasons are personal and to some extent emotional. Firstly, I looked at timings. This event provided me with an event in April and my philosophy is to attend roughly one event per month. I usually miss a month in the summer and perhaps another at the end of the year during December so my average tournament schedule is about ten events per year. Rampage fills the April slot nicely. In addition it clashes with another event that seems to be attracting a lot of the major players that I usually meet. Bristol also attracts players from a different region so In this case it means that I will get the chance to play new opponents which is always a good thing.

The event is also in a different venue. Although I really love Warhammer World and Maelstrom, (and the North West Gaming Centre is getting there) it is always good to try out new venues. This one is in a hotel with on-site rooms and beer so it sounds like it will be easy to manage and although the rooms are a trifle more expensive the avoidance of having to pay for taxis and worry about parking is a plus, not to mention the convenience of being able to stagger to ones room late at night!

Finally, it means that my gaming friends in the South West that can rarely make the trip up to Nottingham or Mansfield will be able to meet me there. You will see that I havent even mentioned the games, rules, terrain and so on. these factors hardly came into relevance until the other elements were taken into account.

So what makes you choose a particular event over another?


5 thoughts on “Why Rampage in Bristol?

  1. This comes down to numerous variables, that themselves can change from event to event.
    However if I have to be specific both who is going and who’s not going, the type of event I fancy doing at that time (tournament/campaign/small scale friends only, etc.), cost, location, length of the event.

    I’ve just done the last GW 40K Doubles, this being only the second time I’ve played in the format and I really enjoyed it as it’s new, fresh and exciting.

    I like both WHW and Maelstrom, but haven’t as of yet ventured to any of the other emerging fulltime venues.

    Whilst not wanting to take this off track, the current competitive climate within 40K is making me look very closely at which events I’ll be attending, and like you I’m now considering some events and venues I’ve previously not attended, both to hopefully get that excitement of something new but also have the gaming experience that I’m after.

    Unfortunately I’d already signed up for this years Indie GT when the Brawl was announced, so with them being so close I was only able to do the one. Next year I’ll probably take the big step of travelling the vast distance from Yorkshire down to Bristol as I’ve heard lots of good rep about the event, and fancy the new experience. Again this will depend on if there’s a few people I enjoy socialising with who will also be going, or if I’m able to travel with someone (costs etc.)

  2. As 5th Ed draws to a close I also seem to be taking into account the players who are not likely to attend events and prioritsing accordingly – which may seem bizzare as I am probably one of those ‘names’ whose lack of attendance would make an event more attractive. Perhaps when 6th Ed lands I will get my WaaC back on.

    I guess the “who is not attending” factor is part of why I decided not to get a ticket for the Indi GT and plum for the re-launched Carnage, which was a tourny I always enjoyed.

    I would like to get down to Bristol to check out the another gaming location. Sadly though Rampage Heat 1 falls on the weekend after my Birthday I have tentatively promised Lisa to go to Barcelona that weekend (so long as I have a firm job offer by then) so have already turned down a spot at the other event that seems to be attracting a lot of the major players.

    Good luck at Rampage to all the CSM representatives and perhaps one day I WILL get to play a game against Mr Marsh.

  3. One day Allen I shall make your dream come true ;-). The next event we both attend I’ll see if we can sort out a grudge game for the first round.
    I have noticed over the last 18 months that you are using very ‘balanced’ armies, whether this is down to you waiting for 6th or you feeling that you’ve been there and done that (I don’t think that anybody would argue that if you aren’t the best 40k player in the UK, then you’re certainly in the top 2) or that Lisa has turned you into a big fluffy cuddly bunny wunny, who can say….but I suspect the latter 😉

    I agree with everything being said, I enjoy the competitive side of it almost as much as the hobby side of it, but after a 2 or 3 years of playing for England (which I enjoyed immensely) my fluffy side is firmly in the ascendancy.
    My main reason will always be if my mates are going, but the fact that Rampage is clashing with the Home Nations is a major factor for attending as it won’t be the usual players with the usual lists (I hope) which have become a bit boring to play against….err…the armies not the players.

    Playing somewhere new is the icing on the cake for me, so I’m looking forward to playing against some new faces, discussing the finer points of life with some old faces (and they don’t come much older than Grimsmite) and doing it all somewhere new.

  4. For me its really simple. Are my friends going?

    Yes? I’ll probably go no matter the rulespack/venue.
    No? I’d probably not go no matter the rulespack/venue.


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