This is Sparta! Baal style…

So new army and it’s time to unleash the full Homoeroticism. I’ve chosen Blood Angels because, frankly, I just can’t resist the models anymore. I think they are easily the best in the range, even better than my beloved Wolves. It also helps that the codex is packed full of awesome units with a lot of viable units which helps greatly with longevity. I don’t want a codex where there is only one or two viable builds ala Necrons.

So with the codex chosen it was time to choose a modelling style. I love films like 300 and have always wanted to do a Spartan themed army so that was pretty straight forward. Sparta Marines it is. I wanted the army to draw inspiration from the Spartan appearance so my marines will have spears (unless armed with a special weapon), shields and helmet plumes.

The spears have come from Perry Miniatures. 80 for £8, bargain.

The shields have, after much debating because the casting quality isn’t the best, come from Scibor Miniatures. 6 for £4.50, again not too bad.

I looked at Scibors Spartan Helmets but frankly the casting quality is just too poor. They lose all their detail around the bottom of the helmet where is meets the neck. It all becomes one. And on top of the it seemed like the helmets were cast in 2 pieces and they were out of alignment. Not too impressed. So in the end i have ordered a bunch of crests to add to the marine helmets. I got them from Secretweapon Miniatures 5 for $5. They have to come from America but I would prefer to wait for a bit of quality than save a week or so and go for an inferior product.

This is how they look on a marine helmet:

So thats the basics. I’m aiming to put regular updates on the blog and the next installment will cover model creation in a bit more detail and take a look at my initial list. I’ll leave you with a quick snap shot of my first 5 guys and Priest.


6 thoughts on “This is Sparta! Baal style…

  1. Nice theme and models mate, looking forward to seeing it on the table. Plus good luck to you, starting a new army takes guts when you just open the boxes and have a sea of grey plastic in front of you, very daunting indeed.

  2. I did see them yep, they look great but my modelling skill is pants so i’m having to source parts and bodge them together like a right cave troll!

    Thanks Steve, I painted my first dude today and i’m really happy with him. Doesn’t take too long now i’ve narrowed down the paints etc, though its still bloody slow compared to most people 😦

  3. Dude FYI kitbashing is pretty much what Mikey did: The bodies are Black Templar or Dark Angel robbed torsos. The shields came from some online company who produce all manner of shields for various scales of historical models, the spears are from Lizardmen Saurus, and the horsehair crests are from a Dire Avenger Avatar component.

    Either way lets see some pics of the painted dude 🙂

  4. Have started a 40k ‘spartan style’ army. Wanted my elites to be the dug in, hold the ground guys like at Thermoplyae. My standard 20-man platoon consists of them all with ‘carapace armour’ hoplon shields (sv4), jump packs and each warrior wielding a ‘power-weapon’ spear (+ rending damage), some with grenade launchers attached. Platoon had defensive photon grenades and krak / melta bombs and supplemented with a couple of guys carrying flamers. In their codex they had the ‘counter-attack’ ability and as long as the leader was with them a +1 bonus to any ‘tank shock’.

    excellent shock troops to hold the ground or take it when the heavy armour rolled in.

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