Steve’s got a fixation with terminators!

Well after reading the post from Alex and me slowly putting my current project together for an event at Triple Helix in a few weeks I thought that a quick post and a couple of pictures were in order.


Anyway the thought came from an heroic last stand by a terminator unit in the face of Pete’s army that got me thinking that a few more of these heavily armoured bad asses might be in order. So a trawl through the bits boxes found slightly more than I bargained for. 35 terminators later and I had the basis of a formidable army and let’s face it only one chapter fields this many of them, so off to grab a copy of the Dark Angel codex I went. Thumbing through the pages I needed to fill 2300 points and with a couple of dreds this was almost done, but in a moment of sanity I realised that 2 dreds vs every heavy weapon my opponent had meant very easy kill points. I therefore added another unit but this time upgraded them to a command squad and 2300 points comprising 42 yes only 42 models was ready to kick ass and take names or more likely die messily trying.

That said as I tend to play the underdog losing is something that I do well [hell I’ve been sticking with my Emperor’s Children ever since they were released so I know what defeat feels like]  but this should be a real change from my normal play style and early games have been a lot of fun.

After cleansing the bar and brothel in this small oasis the Consecrators head out to find alien filth to convert.


4 thoughts on “Steve’s got a fixation with terminators!

  1. Nice one Steve. it might be a small army at 2300 points but it’s still a lot of terminators!!

    Let us know how you get on with it.


  2. The guys took an outing today to convert some Necrons into something more user friendly like toasters or kettles and they had a field day. Random mission of kill points and Dawn of War which actually stayed dark all game due to the Storm Lord. So I just Deathwing assaulted most of my army into his deployment zone took the shooting for a turn and then charged.
    Nothing stops 30 terminators on the charge led by my librarian and a hacked off Belial who got his new claws christened and was a much better load out than a pointy stick and a pea shooter. The remaining 2 units walked and ran across the table in time to kick the head in of the destroyer lord and his retinue of hover mowers by turn 6.
    One assault cannon terminator [the last of his squad] manged to rend down the monolith and the thunder hammer command squad smashed up the floating things with the tesla cannons, a unit of destroyers, and a unit of 20 necrons so well worth the points upgrade as the medic and standard were really useful, overall I lost 4 kp whilst my opponent lost his entire army.

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