Five of us CSM’ers are off to Bristol for the weekend. We are playing in the Rampage GT. 48 players are converging and the top 20 players go through to a final later in the year. Gary is taking his Eldar (wonder if he has painted them yet??), Neil a really cheesey Wolf army (;)), Mike a generic Marine army and Steve ??. I am taking Blood Angels.

My list is:

Librarian [wings, rage] 100

Priest 50
Priest [jump pack, power weapon] 90

5 Termies [4 thunder hammer storm shield, 1 claws, Redeemer – extra armour, multi melta] 485

10 Assault Marines [2 meltas, fist] 235

10 Assault Marines [2 meltas, fist] 235

5 Assault Marines [melta, infernus pistol, power weapon] 140

Predator [las sponsons, dozer blades] 140

Predator [las sponsons, dozer blades] 140

Dreadnought [twin las] 135

Total 1,750

What do i hope to achieve from the weekend?

Well to qualify of course. There are 6 games so i reckon you need 3 wins and a draw to qualify. Definitely doable but given we are likely to get hammered on Saturday night it would be nice to get 2 wins and a draw or 3 wins on the Saturday. It seems unlikely though as i’ve won a grand total of 1 game with my Blood Angels so far…drawn 2 and lost 6!

Either way i’m sure it will be a laugh and it will be good to play some different players at a tournament, i’m looking forward to it.


8 thoughts on “Rampage!

  1. Hopefully all five of us will qualify for the final πŸ˜›

    I have the pleasure of knowing what army I’m facing in the first round….an 11 model Grey Knight army! Three Stormravens seemed easy enough to get rid of until I remembered that unlike the Blood Angel version, these annoying gits have 4 Mindstrike missiles each, which have the ability to take out my ‘fortuned’ Seer Council in one turn of shooting. Add to that the fact that they deny my Fire Dragons their melta ability and I’m not particularly confident of winning my first game.
    At least the game will be quick and I can get to the bar early πŸ˜‰

  2. Ah yeah….5…..whoops!

    You are going to have to reserve your seer council against those bad boys surely?

    I wouldn’t expect a cheap bar btw.

    • Depends if I get first turn or not. My Seer Council is the unit that usually brings them down, so if I get to go first I’ll be putting them as close to his table edge as I can get. If I’m going second then they’ll be going in reserve….along with the rest of my army ;-)…whatever happens there’ll be plenty of tricksy pixie action!

  3. Just because you lost over 50% of your troops to dangerous terrain tests on Tuesday doesn’t mean my army is cheesy. I’m sure if I ever read the fluff my list would fall into the fluff bunny category ;-)).

  4. Good Luck Guys. With a bit of luck it will have a different feel to it as the main Cheesey Spam Festers will beat Maelstrom.

  5. Blood Angels for me as well although a slightly different list to Alex.
    Astorath and 20 Death Company, 2 10 man assault units and 10 scouts. 5 Kill points and 51 models, Descent of Angels every game and deep strike all over them is my plan, and then get my coat and see you in the bar πŸ™‚

    • You did well Steve. Clear bottom of the table after day one and then an amazing effort on day two. You almost made it mate and funnilly enough managed to beat Neil! Who would have thunk it with an army like yours!

      Great to see the guys all in one place and a terrific evening.

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