6th Edition update

Latest rumours from Blood of Kittens.

Rules changes:
Every unit gets a 6+ save vs. all Psychic Powers.
Random Charge Lengths are in
Pre-measuring is in.
Random Battle field effects are in.
All armies can purchase buildings for placement on the battlefield.
Psychic powers are selected during deployment. (except Grey Knights)
Deployment and Missions types have doubled.

I have always worried about pre measuring. It is the main reason I stopped playing historical rules sets like WRG 6th ed, 7th ed and DBM, DBR. As a non hardcore player I actually quite like a more random game as long as on the balance of probability some skill is still needed. However if pre measuring is part of 6th ed then the inherent predictability it brings is counterbalanced by random charge distances. Essentially the end result will be similar to how it works today other than the game will be much slower.

I like ‘Allies’ so I can use more of my toys together and the idea of more scenarios is good however will these be asymmetric?

Finally, I worry when I hear pundits talking about GW copying fantasy 8th edition because I have heard nothing good from players about this edition. So from those sad chaps amongst us who actually play Fantasy, how do you feel about a move towards those mechanisms used in Fantasy 8th ed?


9 thoughts on “6th Edition update

  1. Hmm Emperor’s Children and Fiends sounds good to me. Random charges not too bad I guess as undoubtedly some units will roll more dice than others. Pre measuring not sure about it but I’m sure I will get over it as I sure don’t want to have to go and find a new game to play!

  2. More rumours…

    I know all of these rumors sound bloody ridiculous but they may not be bad for the game at all. I have been chatting with the source for my documents, we both feel that based off of the csm codex that assaults off of consolidation will be back as well as possibly off the bloody deep strike. This is not only backed up by the fact that they are “nerfing” assault range, but also because of 2 special rules.

    Mates say hello to bloody “snap fire” and the return of overwatch.

    Snap fire – allows a unit to shoot at an attacking unit at bs 1 prior to being assaulted.

    Also mates, since I’m posting I may as well add a snippet or two more to the firestorm…
    Rhino’s have 3 hull points, Landraiders and the defiler have 4. Any damage chart result other than wrecked or explodes will take 1 hull point away.

    HQ’s can now challenge each other just like in fantasy. This must be accepted by opponent or is played normal. HQ that wins, wins the assault for his unit.

    Chaos units that kill a unit get to roll on a chart for gifts from a chaos lord very similar to the power from pain rule that Phil gave to DE.

    • I’m getting just a little concerned now, let’s see…Seer Council…gulp…..Holofields….oh crap!

      • They’re only rumours, but not being able to guarantee that my Seer Council will have Fortune kind of makes them obsolete.
        There is talk of vehicles having Hull points that are used up on any damage results that do not destroy the vehicle, once the vehicle is reduced to zero hull points, then it is destroyed. This seriously questions the viability of Holofields…..Hopefully it’s all bollocks 😉

  3. The things is GW have become so tight with information over the past 6 months that I just can’t believe anyone is going to be getting wind of 6th Ed before hand.

    All this just sounds to me like speculation or someone’s mate’s mate’s mate’s mate who overheard something blah blah blah.

    For sure pre measuring and random charges will be in. I can see that happening as it did in WFB and honestly neither are all that bad (WFB certainly hasn’t gotten worse for it). As for the other stuff, especially the drastic changes. Sorry I just can’t see such things happening. Again look at WFB, the major changes where pre measuring and random charges, everything else was in some way or another a tweak of existing rules. All this snap fire and hull points and this and that just doesn’t seem in keeping with how GW has over the years streamlined/dumbdown their game mechanics (again look at WFB for case in point).

  4. Got to agree, I play fantasy and recon its improved with the current edition. So happy with premeasuring and random charges… think the rest might be a bit of horse shit. particularly the stuff about hull points… it would require too much record keeping.

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