5th is dead, long live 5th!

Well not quite dead as there is still BotC to go but for me I’m giddy about 6th. A lot more than I thought I would be actually. Over the last year I’ve been seriously considering selling up and jacking in the hobby. 5th got real stale for me and the tournament circuit started taking a turn which really put me off.

However reading through this months WD and the buzz on the forums has got me right back into it. There are so many things to get excited about including (but not limited to):

The new rule book. Just look at it, it’s fantastic. Full colour and 400odd pages long. Rumours of a bit of fluff advancement, new artwork and the opportunity to reread all the background of the Imperium. Awesome! And thats not even mentioning the new rules…

New rules. It seems like 6th is going to be very different to 5th. i hope so as 5th just turned into who has the most guns at the end. Pretty dull and at £120+ for a weekend away wasn’t really worth it. Whilst most of the blame for that lies at unimaginative players the core ruleset can’t escape its fair share of blame. The new rules seem more varied, more in depth and frankly more funky. I’m not sure about random charges but every man and his dog hid in the 4+ save terrain in 5th anyway so most charges were random in a way!

Expanded psychic powers. Not a lot to say here but the big increase in variety of available powers and the diversity that allows players has to be a good thing.

Allies. I’ve often wanted to include a unit or two of guard in my Wolves as Kaerls and now i can. I’m sure there will be some broken combos that will be exploited but certainly for club games and if you just go to events for the craic then you can make some excellently themed armies.

I’m sure are lots more things to get excited about. I’ve ordered myself the gamers edition:

It comes with the rule book, a set of dice, a set of objectives/markers, a rather funky lasgun cell dice/objective holder and a bag which looks like it will hold the rule book, a codex, a copy of an event rules pack, some templates, some dice and the other bits and bobs which you need over the course of a weekends geekery.

I’ve also ordered a set of the psychic cards. From my early 8th ed WFB days let me assure you these are definitely worth the £8 as it saves a massive amount of faffing about with paper, open books, asking your opponent what powers do etc. Just have a couple of cards next to you with all the info on.

Roll on Saturday!

Until then, what have you guys ordered to sate your geek lust?


9 thoughts on “5th is dead, long live 5th!

  1. ep it\’s got a great buzz going around all us roll With it lot. You aren\’t wrong with it getting a bit stale, so much so that many of our club members had turned to other games for some variation.

    I just got a rulebook and card deck, although now I kinda wish I\’d got the Gamer Edition (all sold out now).

    I think I\’m most looking forward to 6! new missions with sub missions too in the core rule book, and the sooner we can stop playing Dawn of War deployment the better.

    Second is that the changes to make it a bit more cinematic and narrative really float my boat so to speak.

    All in all bring it on, and what a better way to say good bye to 5th than BOTCH.

  2. I have ordered the Limited Edition Rule Book and the normal Rule Book. I can’t wait until Friday to get them.

  3. I’ve ordered the normal book and the cards. looking forward to finding out if my Ogryns are any better? (It seems that the -1 against vehilces for ‘-‘ weapons has gone so just maybe I might be able to use them some more. 😉

  4. Apparently I am expecting my goodies to arrive on Friday in the post. I ordered from Darren at Marauder games and got a great deal. The book and the psychic cards for £40 including postage. Not bad eh?

  5. Can’t wait till t’morra for rulebook, it is at Rob’s tonight.
    We is all gonna read it feeverishly and then decide on the Rumble but we’re thinking we might have to go 6th ed as it is 5 weeks off.
    Have anyone visited our blog yet? See the new scenery we’re building for the Rumble, every table properly 25% terrained and good LOS blockers too.
    Should be a more even playing field as most people won’t have broken it so soon (hopefully!)

  6. Have to say I’m getting a little concerned about what I’m hearing.
    My Eldar are dead in the water thanks to troops being unable to claim objectives if they’re still in a transport, Witch Blades being as good as a sniper rifle against vehicles and Holofields being useless now.
    My main concern is that Flyers seem to be the new must haves, so if your unlucky enough to use an army that doesn’t have any (all 4 of my armies don’t), then it’s looking grim.
    I can’t help thinking that Grey Knights and Blood Angels are going to dominate the game and being a dedicated anti-space marine player, that doesn’t exactly make my soul sing.
    Looks like I have a lot of painting to do before I get to play 6th…..Pah!

  7. True I do think Eldar have got hit with the big nerf stick. Although some units might get a boost like Warp Spiders as they score in 1 of the missions, and “AP-” doesn’t reduce the chance of damaging a vehicle. But until an FAQ comes out they are pants. (I’d change holo fields to be roll 2 dice for Armour Pen and pick the lowest, might make them worth their points.)

    You can borrow my Lamentors if you want Garry.

    To be honest I think Necrons have gotten a huge boost with hull points, and changes to night fight too.

  8. Gary hopefully your Slaanesh Chaos will become playable again thanks to Daemon Allies or even more so once we get a new CSM Dex in a couple of months.

    • That’s what I’m hoping. My Eldar will have their last outing at Botch, then I’ll borrow an army for the Ribble and after that it will be the long wait for the CSM Codex before I go to another tourney.

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