6th Ed. First impressions

It’s here and it looks very nice. First impressions are positive…now to open the book!

Production values are very high. Print quality is good although some of the photography is spoilt in the miniatures showcase section by poor printing. P. 263 is especially poor.

The fluff is very good in introducing the 40K universe..but what about the rules? First thing to say is that until I have played a few games I can only comment generally on what I like and what stands out straight away rather than the subtleties that will appear with familiarity.

I very much like the lay out with summaries of the sequence within each section. This has been missing in previous editions and is useful. I’m also happy with the new terrain rules as long as they are fully embraced. The problem is that tournament players tend to simplify (in 5th all terrain rapidly became 4+ save and buildings/fortifications were usually ignored in favour of ruins) The plethora of terrain makes 6th potentially really exciting as long as it is used. Accepting a standard 5+ save will simply play into the hands of heavy armour and is something I will resist. (I particularly like the random forests and battlefield debris rules)

I’m not sure about allies. On the one hand they offer some interesting combinations but they may also provide an opportunity for abuse. However for tournament organisers this is an easy decision to either allow/disallow allies.

Flyers seem powerful at first glance but I feel their restricted maneuverability will limit their effectiveness. As for reserves, am I correct in thinking that units that come on from reserve cannot assault and can only snap shoot?

Plenty more thoughts but that is enough to encourage some feedback I hope. I’m scanning through the new FAQ’s now so I am sure they will produce even more questions.


21 thoughts on “6th Ed. First impressions

  1. P263 is fine in my book…

    I really like the look of the new rules and can’t wait to get stuck in. I think wolves have taken a bit of a hit but frankly I don’t care because I just want to play some funky games with these rules. Can’t wait to get stuck into it!

    • Could you explain why you think wolves have taken a hit? I’m not disagreeing, I’m just trying to understand the nuances of rules better 😉

      • I think this edition more than others is about mobile firepower. Wolves don’t do that well at all. They don’t have a reliable way to take out fliers (I don’t think flakk missiles are that good) and transports took a big hit which affects hunters hugely.

        I may be wrong but i strongly suspect wolves have been knocked down a couple of tiers.

  2. Played a game (well 2.5 turns of it anyway) on Friday evening, really as just a learning curve for both my opponent and I. It was as expected a bit slow as we had to keep refering to the new rule book, but also very enjoyable.

    So what were the main points that came out for us,

    1.Vehicles (we didn’t use flyers) seem very much susceptable now to fire power with the new Hull point system. Of course players will adapt but I expect to see less vehicles with 6th.

    2.Unless your Vehicle has the “Assault” special rule or is open topped you are unable to disembark and assault in the same turn even if the vehicle has not moved. So no more getting your Marines/Chaos Marines in their Rhinos within range, sit inside to try and weather the hail of fire in your opponents turn, then jump out and assault them:-(

    3.Being able to move at full speed and still fire all my Land Raider weapons (Snap shots only) was good.

    4.Smoke only now gives a 5+ cover save 😦

    5. I would concur with Michaels observation that you cannot assault from Reserve/ Outflank/Scout etc, though I’m not sure on the Snap shot only when moving on from Reserve.
    I suspect we will see much better use of cover by those arriving from Outflank.

    6.The new casualty removal from both shooting and combat certainly means you have to consider far more the positioning of models with any form of specialist weaponary or Characters.

    7.Random Charges can really upset your plans!

    8.Losing the +1 Initiative for Furious Charge is not nice 😦

    9.All though Psychic Powers are randomly generated at the start of the game, if a Libby/ Rune Priest gets the Perfect Timing power, stick him with a squad of Devastators/Long Fangs and the ability to ignore the Cover Special rule makes their shooting rather nasty (and effective)

    Whilst we totally forgot about Overwatch shooting, all in all it was very interesting and we are both looking forward to our next 6th ed encounter.

    Nb Appologies if we’ve interpreted any of the new rules incorrectly.


    • What were your findings on close combat Rob?
      It appears (at first glance) that combat is going to play a lesser role than it did in 5th. Transports are much more difficult to use (not being able to move them and assault out of them in the same turn) and small assault units (especially without power armour) seem particularly vulnerable to overwatch.

      • You may be right. Small hard hitting but fragile units like deathcult assassins would be foolish to charge a large unit if Guard or marines BUT they will swtill be effective against smaller units. It simply means being more tactical and using the correct units in the correct tactical situation.

      • I think we had 4 close combats that were sorted out both pretty quickly & decisively.

        Yes having to disembark the turm before you want to charge will mean trying o utilise your Rhino/Chimera etc to give you a cover save, (even more important for smaller/combat squads).

        As stated above a failed variable charge will certainly leave you exposed and that’s after weathering two rounds of overwatch plus some standard shooting ,or a round of overwatch then a counter charge!

        Finally the positioning of the models with specialist weapons will be so important,( not sure on ICs but) your Vet sgt/squad leader will not want to be in base to base on combat but just behind the front ow to allow for the use of the special weapons without being selected as the first casualties.

        With only 2.5 rounds played I don’t think I’m in a position to state wether CC will play a lesser role, especially as it was World Eaters against Wolves.

        I think there is so many different tweaks and suble changes that even if an army gets nerfed with one hand you’ll get a boost with the other.

        I’m personally hoping both my WE & Kharn will be slightly boosted with a new Codex, however T5 Plague Marines or Chaos Termies with the Mark of Nurgle are looking rather tempting, especially now a lot of power weapons are only AP3:-)

  3. I have several pages in the photo section where the process magenta and process black are out of register and I’ll be taking my book back to exchange it. Apart from that the layout and content of the book is very nice.

  4. LOL, Photos are made up from 4 colours, process yellow, process magenta (red), process cyan (blue)& process black. when one of them isn’t in the correct position (out of register) it makes the photo look blurred.

  5. Played my first game of 6th against Pete yesterday.
    He had Pedro, strenguard in a rhino
    2 10 man marine squads one with a rhino
    2 storm talons
    ironclad dred

    I had a chaos lord on a bike
    2 10 man units
    10 termies
    2 oblits
    allied with a herald on a chariot
    12 daemonettes
    6 fiends

    We had a great game but it took us 2.5 hours to play so about an hour longer than normal. Numerous checks to the rules book but every time we found the answer to the question clearly explained and this was a pleasant surprise.

    Vehicles are really easy to kill now just glance away until the hull points go but fliers are a right pain in the bum until they hover then they fall out of the sky really easily.
    Chariots are fantastic, 75 point herald sweeps past the ironclad and destroys it with a couple of rending attacks and is then poised to jump onto a marine unit in the assault phase! She then failed the random charge move and died for her troubles but she had caused Pete a lot of hassle by then so she more than paid for her points.
    Fiends are still great but 12 daemonettes charging 10 marines who get really lucky with overwatch and flamers mean that only 3 made it into combat and promptly were wiped out unlike what would have happened under 5th. So a more careful use of them in future is required. Cover saves are better as we stuck to the rules rather than a blanket 4+ and this meant that you had to position models well rather than just trust to hard cover everywhere.

    On the point of model positioning don’t put your champion, autocannon and plasma gun at the front of the squad next time…….we both learnt that mistake to avoid.

    We didn’t get any challenges in apart from Pedro and my Lord but rolling a 6 for daemon weapon attacks made it a rather one sided affair from my point of view.
    We forgot the Look out Sir rule as I could have saved my termie champion from a heavy bolter round due to again stupid positioning.
    Snap shooting with heavy weapons is good and full range bolters and plasma is good on the move as well.
    Assaults were pretty effective still from both sides but termies are a nightmare to kill. I was worried when Pete charged my terms with his due to my ap3 weapons but due to some lucky overwatch shots and his unlucky saving throws from shooting and close combat meant that he lost all bar one guy and only one of mine fell over so the dice gods still have a part to play in any game.

    I am sure that there was more of note but that will be for another time, overall a good game, nice new challenges, some pitfalls to avoid and still loads of rules to try and get in. I really need to think about some purpose made terrain now with Chaos Shrines giving 4+ cover saves etc and building some suitably Slaaneshi pieces to compliment my army. This new book has really energised my thoughts to developing my army into something new and exciting and with the use of allies gets me back into a list that I have always loved of marines and daemons either slaying everything in their path or ending in the ultimate sensation, what more could I ask for?

  6. Had my second game tonight and am coming to the conclusion that massed fire power of any kind is a big bonus.
    My BA’s, mainly an assault force to test it out, got shot to shit by ORKS!! Admitidly Aythlans dice were not just on fire they were atomic, but with orks usually hitting on 5’s, a drop to 6’s against flyers or in snap shot mode didn’t really slow them down.
    I had said to him a couple of weeks back to try two Warpheads out and seriously regreted that in this game. He ended up getting THREE Waaghhhs off in five turns and them Dakka Jets is leathal in that mode. He had a squadron of two chucking out 36 shots twin linked. Awesome!
    Anyway my dice were in normal mode so I got tabled in five turns, BUT I am enjoying the new rules and finding very little to complain about apart from lamenting the glancing off of hull points.
    Also flying transports are very hard to get right for both troop drops and shooting phases, but will eventually figure something out LOL.
    Think GW have actually done a damn good job with this setup and I’ll keep playing and enjoying a good while longer.
    Now to Ebay, need to find some where to buy a “Dice Monkey” to do my rolling!!!
    By the way, I am changing Britcon to 6th Ed if anybody fancies a relaxed weekend in Manchester rolling cubes and getting drunk LOL.

  7. I played a few games of 6th and overall I’m happy, but there is a very big BUT! (and I’m not talking about Beyonce’s rear fender)

    These rules are clearly written for fun but they have been made more complex – but not more complicated. By this I mean there are many more rules to remember but the mechanisms are not any more complicated than they were under 5th.

    The mechanisms are still old fashioned and not very elegant – bolting on additional rules does not improve them. In addition there is now a lot of markers and rules that carry over to anther turn, all of which are harder to remember and all of which clutter the table with counters.

    I would have prefered a wholesale change to the underlying mechanics and a simplification of rules. For example why do we now have many different power weapons? This makes the game very much easier to get very wrong by accident and at competitions these rules will benefit players who have the time or the mental make up to remember rules rather than those who enjoy the cinematic moments – something entirely opposite to the designers intent.

    For me, as a competitive player who enjoys thematic armies, the rules are great but there will be players who despise the more random nature of the system. Ironically it has become extremely important to place individual models carefully. Combined with the need to absorb dozens of specific rules this will appeal to careful, slow players who care more about the mechanics than the game.

    I am looking forward to the next few years but I also worry that GW has definitely moved to a set of rules that is less competition friendly, with the risk of developing many contradictions because of the number of rules.

  8. I had a couple of games against Rob’s Necrons today and was tabled in both games by 9 Wraiths with a unit of scarabs replenished by Tomb Spiders and a Command Barge. In both Games I managed to kill a unit of 3 Wraiths and unit of Immortals for the loss 1850pts x2…..Needless to say my Eldar will be moving in with my Sisters of Battle under the stairs.

    So far I’m finding 6th to be a bit of a convoluted affair with too much record keeping, too many rolls requiring consultation of the rulebook and overly complex wound allocation.
    To echo Michael, the game mechanics are not very elegant and it feels more like an early edition of the game rather than a 6th edition.
    The only thing that is keeping me playing it at the moment is my friends, so I’m really pinning my hopes on the Chaos Codex to inspire me to persevere with 6th.

  9. What’s interesting to me is listening to Castigator today, as opposed to when sixth first appeared. Originally his Eldar were rubbish and were to be consigned to the cupboard under the stairs with his Sisters.

    Recently I know that his Eldar/Dark Eldar combo have been very successful. Indeed too successful as the Baron with a seer council makes our friend feel ‘dirty’. I am also not that disabused by Sisters under 6th ed. I have seen the used at a tournament and they are really quite good. 6th ed has emphasised the shooting phase a little and I think that the massed bolter fire that sisters can bring to bear has been given a handy little boost.

  10. I never said that Eldar or Sisters were rubbish, I said Sisters are now a boring army and that MY Eldar are rubbish in 6th.
    The Eldar list that I’ve been playing against Rob is quite different to the one I have painted. 2 Falcons, 10 Dire Avengers, 5 Fire Dragons, a Wave Serpent & an Autarch on jetbike, replaced by 2 Fire Prisms, 5 Pathfinders, a Farseer on a Jetbike, 9 Hellions & the Baron. That represents a considerable investment in time painting new units when a new Codex isn’t too far away.
    So they’ll still be moving in with the Sisters under the stairs as I prepare to take back my rightful place at the side of Slaanesh……

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