The Devil’s in the Detail. 6th ed learnings

It’s a funny thing with rule books, The big changes are clearly apparent and players tend to pick them up really easily. The small changes however seem to exist below the radar until at some critical point, usually at a tournament, they leap up and bite you in the arse! What small rules changes have you noticed only after playing a few games?

The key things I have discovered is that the devil is in the detail. For example, under 5th ed. I was always wary of using Obyron in melee. Okay  he is good but with no invulnerable save I  worried about him getting killed before he could swing his I2 War scythe. Under 6th ed his 2+ armour save is better because many ‘power weapons’ are AP3. This is something that I hadn’t noticed until I had played a few games. Doh!
Similarly I did not realise until today that I can move vehicles in the shooting phase! Yes, essentially you can ‘run’ vehicles. In addition vehicles can ‘snap’ shoot even if they move at cruising speed. It’s not great as you need to roll a 6, but it does mean my Annihilation barges get a chance to fire twin linked Tesla Destructors even if they move 12 inches.

So what small things have you learned after a month or two of playing 6th?


16 thoughts on “The Devil’s in the Detail. 6th ed learnings

  1. Furious Charge only +1S not +1I, Harlequins get bumbed by Genestealers now, whereas before if they got the charge off they would be I7 and hack through them.

  2. If you fire your interceptor weapon using the special interceptor rule then you can’t fire it in your turn.

  3. Every glancing or penetrating hit causes a wound on the unit inside, also some of the penetrating hit results cause extra units. I played one game against Alex where a Penetrating Hit caused 9 wounds on my Long fangs. In another game I managed to reduce the Armour value by 3 from a Lascannon Hit and then got 5 penetrating hits and 4 Glances from a Hydra battery. Which wiped out the unit inside.

  4. Yup! Also I never knew this until my friend pointed it out when I failed a charge on my warp sped Swarmlord, but if a unit with fleet charges you can choose to reroll only 1 of the dice rather than both. This makes fleet significantly better in my eyes… in the above case, the Swarmlord rolled a 6,2, rerolled the 2 and got a 6, murdered all the guardsmen with his 9 str 9 ini 9 attacks before manning their quad gun and shooting down a vendetta. Who said 6th wasn’t fun? :).

  5. I am finding that I really don’t like the new wound allocation rules.
    They are easy to abuse and not really very realistic and when being abused they are particularly quick.

  6. I’m finding I don’t like daemons!

    The new screamers and flamers are just nasty. I still don’t think flyers (as in flying vehicles) will be the top armies with the possible exception of necrons. But necrons are pretty bent whatever they take now 🙂

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