Stop the world, I want to get off!

Stop the World โ€“ I Want to Get Off

New codex, new starter sets, new set of rules, how many rapidly released FAQ’s? Frankly I am exhausted trying to keep up!

I had become quite comfortable with Fifth edition. I knew the rules (reasonably well) and I was aware of the strengths and weaknesses of most of the armies I would face. More interestingly I was also aware of what units most armies would contain given the codex they were using. With the recent changes to the game none of these things remain true but is that good or bad?

Personally I think this is good, even if it’s hard work to keep up with the changes. This is because there is suddenly a massive increase in permutations for all armies as to what works. Two main changes have brought this about; firstly the addition of allies and secondly the new Psyker rules. What ever one thinks about these elements there is no doubt that they add a new dimension to the game and make the permutations of what units are viable mind boggling! ( I do not believe that the Psychic powers have even started to be exploited yet)

This does make the meta game much more fluid. With more permutations new army designs will rise and be countered, and the counters then be countered themselves much more rapidly than under previous iterations of the rules when we had to wait for new codex’s or rules. Again I think this is great. In the month since 6th ed hit the table the power gamers have had to change their lists several times, paladins, Ork nob bikers, have been replaced by flyers which will be replaced shortly etc etc.

There is a down side for those who play very competitively. No longer will they be able to design an army and play it for three years competitively. The Meta game will change several times in that period of time. For those of us who like playing with a particular build designed around a theme, this will be less ofย  an impact as we will probably continue to use a similar build whatever the Meta. (Hell, I persevered with 16 Ogryns for years!) But for those players who want to have the latest competitive build this will mean regularly purchasing of new units and all that goes with it.

So forgetting the actual rules, that we can argue about all day, how do we feel about a game that has become more fluid, that will change because of new releases, but also because of the increase in permutations that players can access?

This is a not a time of change gentlemen – this is a time of permanent and continuing change. Can you handle it?


2 thoughts on “Stop the world, I want to get off!

  1. I have mixed feelings on allies. On the one hand it allows players to use cool looking armies like Daemons and Chaos Space Marines, but on the other hand it means that there’ll be a lot more Guard/Grey Knight/Necron allies about.
    I think WAAC has been pushed to a whole new level with allies and the cynic in me can’t help thinking that GW will be laughing all the way to the bank, as more and more players get sucked into the GW arms race.
    I’m not sure even though most hardened WAACer will want to keep up with a perpetually changing ‘meta’ game, so perhaps it might be good afterall ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Gary, That is exactly the discussion I wanted to initiate. Im not interested in the rules per se but I am interested in how they affect the game as a whole. If they produce an environment where there is always an option to do something different and effective then the game will constantly evolve. Like evolution itself no one can predict where it will go and that’s the beauty!

      But its a bumpy ride and some evolutionary branches are dead ends. Only the fittest will survive and they wont be the same as when they started. Apparently we were once small furry mammals ๐Ÿ˜‰

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