The Avengers assemble

Screamers (2006 film)


The final attendees for the Invitational have confirmed and the draw has been made. This year there are 20 of us and the event should be a great time for all.  Already I know that some players have been trying out their 1000 point armys. Its not easy trying to build an army at 1000 points that can face all comers. I am probably going to use Necrons and I quite fancy using something even more silly than I usually do. However, at 1000 points and with only one HQ choice allowed I really can’t build a decent teleporting army because I can only get none Veil in the army! (Two, if you include Obyron – but using him an his mate Zandrekh is simply too expensive).

Neil’s Daemon army is brutal  Screamers and Flamers are simply awesome and I’m not really sure what one can do about them. Steve’s latest iteration of his Chaos is looking tasty with psychic powers making bikes invisible (2+ cover save when turbo boosting)! Iain has adopted the spirit of the event and originaly tried to make his army of only seven models. Unfortunately I understand it he has had to expand his army to eight models!

The Pools 2013 should deliver some great games.

My Necron army includes Illuminar Szeras and a Ctan – now there’s a combination you dont see very often.

What is your army looking like at the moment?


9 thoughts on “The Avengers assemble

  1. Really gutted that I can’t be there. Really missing playing against you guys and the invitational was always one of my favourite weekends 😦

    • I’m sure we will all miss you as well Neil. Not sure what kind of armies to expect but if everyone comes with armies like Iains then we should be spending a lot of time in the bar !

  2. oi stop giving my list away, I mean no one will expecting me to take Screamers and Flamers. :-))

  3. I shall succumb to peer pressure and inform you all of my list…although i might change it nearer the event as is a ladies perogative!

    Illuminor Szeras
    Ctan – Gaze of Death and Times Arrow
    15 warriors
    5 warriors
    5 warriors
    3 Destroyers
    1 Monolith

    What on earth am I to do about flyers?

  4. Having resurfaced from a bloody hectic few months and got a couple of games in against Waacy McWaac Gibbons i’m now looking forward to this. Daemons for me but a very middle of the road list, should be good fun to use and play against hopefully.

  5. OK, so Ive changed my list. it is now something like this:

    10 Deathmarks
    15 warriors
    5 warriors
    5 warriors
    3 Destroyers
    1 Monolith

    See you on the ice losers!

  6. Had my first go with a Nurgle list last night and it played really well; admittedly, I had a strange out of body experience, with unbelievably good dice rolls. So it’ll probably get stomped over at the Invitational, LOLOLOL!
    Very disappointed with the response to the thread on TWF this year, I have tried taking the p#ss out of anyone I know but no bites yet, 😦

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