Space-Wolf-scout-1Today marks the last game of 40k I will play with my Space Wolves in 6th edition. Having played with them since I started about 10 years ago this is quite a momentous day!

6th edition has put a rather large nail in their coffin and I don’t think it is possible to take a wolf army and compete. Their best ability, getting their excellent troops into midfield and short range firefights/combat has been taken away at a stroke.

Rhinos? Total garbage now, one too many hits from the nerf bat. Pods? Not convinced, in my experience it’s just like feeding your scoring units into the sausage machine.

If I was going to take Space Wolves to an uncomped tournament now I would take something along these lines:

Rune Priest (Divination – unless facing Necrons)
Rune Priest (Divination – unless facing Necrons)

Dread [twin autocannons]
Dread [twin autocannons]
Dread [twin autocannons]

5 Hunters [melta gun, razorback with twin assault cannon, dozer blade]
5 Hunters [melta gun, razorback with twin assault cannon, dozer blade]
5 Hunters [melta gun, razorback with twin assault cannon, dozer blade]
5 Hunters [melta gun, razorback]

4 Hyperios Launchers

4 Hyperios Launchers

5 Fangs [4 missiles, razorback with twin assault cannon]
5 Fangs [4 missiles, razorback with twin assault cannon]

Lots of twin linked shooting to try and help against fliers, flying monstrous creatures and blob squads, lots of missiles and jaws to help against wraithwing, and vehicles to protect your now nerfed troops choices.

An alternative route would be to go down the Thunderwolf route and aim for top half which would be a good achievement.

However for me the future is silver. The future is Grey Knights!

I’ve got lots of exciting ideas on how to model/convert/paint these bad boys up and from play testing they give a nice balance between shooting, manoeuvrability, combat and psychic shenanigans. No doubt by the time I get these guys painted they will have a new codex which will make them rubbish but hey ho, it’s all fun and games 🙂

Now, back to painting this pesky defence line!

Grey Knight


7 thoughts on “Wolftime

  1. That’s quite the decision Alex. I hope you’re going to keep them, just in case. Good luck with Knights.

  2. I’m keeping them Iain (Gary convinced me too!), Just they will be going in a box under the bed. Until 7th edition comes out and they have a way of actually getting their troops to do something apart from die.

    • I think you are expecting too much. I dont think you will have to wait until 7th ed. The new codex’s will change the meta game well before then. Good luck with the Gay Knights. 😉

      • I can’t help but be intrigued, what would you expect from a unit of Grey Hunters?

        And how would you get them where they need to go?

  3. Less survivable, can’t assault out of them even if they are stationary, if they are shaken then this transfers to the passengers even if they disembark, smoke is now 5+ instead of 4+, they can no longer contest objectives and they are an easy first blood for opponents.

    Apart from that they are ace.

  4. I recon you have been playing with marines to long alex…. an armour eleven transport sounds just fine to me! And power armour..oh to have a save that isn’t defeated by bolt guns…. Go orks or dark elder and see how the other half live…. 🙂 Best of luck anyway mate. 🙂

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