Grey Knight Henchman test model

I just thought I would quickly share my test model for my henchmen. I quite like the contrast between the red and the black and it’s quick and easy to paint so win win!

The basing hasn’t been finished yet although it will probably be snow….for a change 🙂


In somewhat disturbing news it may turn out that my GK are too waac to go to Portsmouth. Which really only leaves me with wolves to take. Not good. So it’s either tone down the Grey Knights (is that possible?) or take puppies. Nuts.


3 thoughts on “Grey Knight Henchman test model

  1. It’s looking pretty good Alex, and as you say if it’s an easy scheme to paint then it should make your life alot easier. Do you have any other pictures of this guy and how about your defence lines. Please show.

  2. Hiya,

    Not yet but I will hopefully have finished a squad or two off over the weekend so will take some more pics then 🙂

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