Bristol Rampage 2013 – part 1


Battle of Leipzig.

Battle …but not as we know it!

There was a slightly disappointing turn out to this year’s Rampage event. Only 18 players rolled up on the day but the calibre of players was high and the armies competitive. Some old campaigners were there and a good selection of armies. There was no composition scoring and no limits on units so it was all up for grabs. The room was large and with only 18 players there was plenty of space. It was nice to be able to move about and have somewhere to leave your kit. The hotel was excellent and these events in hotels are very easy to get used to. Anyway, what happened on the day? Well  dear reader, it all started like this…

After a two hour drive I arrived safely and parked in the on site carpark. I walked into the conference room after meeting up with Slaanesh Steve and Stompaboy.  In my bag I had my fun based Necron army as follows:

Nemesor Ben’Son Necron Lord on a barge with Mindshackle scarabs, Phase shifter and warschythe

Royal Court, Marl’Bro Cryptek with Veil of Darkness and Abysal Staff

Silk’Ut C’tan Shard with Pyre Shards and Moulder of Worlds

9 x Death Marks in a Night Scythe

6 x Warriors

6 x Warriors

16 x Warriors

Annihilation Barge

2 x Monoliths

Aegis defence line and Quad gun

As we chatted I looked around the room to see what kind of armies were on view. Steve pointed at a Raven Wing army that consisted of four squads of five bikes with two melta guns in each, plus a unit of Terminators in a land raider as well as three multi-melta armed attack bikes. ‘That will finish your monoliths of pretty quick’  he said. I told him that there was only a one in sixteen chance that I would end up playing it in the first round…

Game 1.  Rich Morgan. Raven Wing

…As I set up opposite Rich Morgans rather nice Raven wing army I was seriously worried about what I could do. I went first and set up the two small warrior squads and the Annihilation barge behind the defence line at the base of the table surrounding the single objective. With Silk’Ut and Ben’Son just to the right of centre ready to move up quickly behind a building and ready to intercept the Land raider if it came straight at me,  with Warscythe or monstrous ‘smashy’ weapon. Deathmarks in Nightscythe, large warrior squad and two monoliths remained in reserve.

As expected Rich rushed forward with two bike units each side of the Landraider that contained a librarian and the banner of ‘something’ that made all his bolters fire four shots! Believe me, when combined with twin linking on bikes that is a lot of firepower! However, in order to target my only visible units cowering around my objective, he had to come within charge range of Silk’Ut and Ben’Son. In my second turn one monolith deep struck onto Rich’s objective but was shortly to die as all three outflanking Attack bikes rushed in and destroyed it with Multi Melta fire. However, It managed one Particle whip shot which combined with the Death marks and Night scythe, the annihilation barge, and the deep striking warrior squad was enough to decimate two of the bike squads. Ben’Son’s sweep attack took a couple of hull points of the Land raider before he assaulted a third unit of bikes and Silk’Ut assaulted the Land Raider taking off another Hull point. Rich’s terminators got out and assaulted Silk’Ut who beat them off, while Ben’Son prepared to Finish off the Land Raider in his next assault phase.

In the next turn my final monolith arrived and between the two monoliths and the rest of my shooting I reduced Rich’s army to about five bikes, three attack bikes and a couple of surviving terminators. Ben’Son then assaulted his Land Raider finally finishing it off and I shot up all the bikes I could see that still had melta weapons. Sheer weight of fire made a huge difference and Rich simply could not make all his saves. A good win to me.

Game 2 Matt – Daemon with Chaos Marine Allies

I really did not want to fight this army! It was a flying circus! Two Lords of Change, three daemon Princes all with wings and more powers than one can shake a stick at. In addition Matt had a Helldrake, two units of ten Plague bearers and a unit of Cultists. OK, so six flyers! Cripes!

A Daemon Prince from Warhammer 40,000

Like this…but with Wings.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matt went first and kept all his infantry in reserve. The five flying monstrosities came flapping towards me and it was only then I realised they hardly had any shooting attacks between them and would have to land if they wanted to destroy my vehicles. On turn one backed off to 23 inch range and fired some desultory shooting at about 23 inches range and did very little. I hoped I would get another round of shooting before the inevitable assault.

Turn two and I teleported the large warrior unit next to a Lord of Change and proceeded to shoot it with all the small units that I could. Eventually I grounded it and finished it off with 32 Gauss Flayer shots. Another Lord of Change went down and stayed grounded. Matt then brought on the Helldrake which flamed and killed 13 of my 16 warriors as they had stayed in a nice bunch for his Baleflamer to target. However, one deamon prince failed his charge on the Quad gun, another charged a monolith and took only a hull point of me. The third charged the annihilation barge and bounced of its armour. As they were now all on the ground my shooting got even better. One daemon prince died quickly, one was seriously wounded and the other one was charged by both Ben’Son and Sik’Ut who slew it with prejudice.

Meantime my death marks debussed from their flyer and finished of the wounded Lord of Change whilst the Nightsycthe’s Tesla Destructor took a couple of hull points from the Helldrake. At this point several of the warriors that had been toasted previously seemed to get up and rapid fired at the damaged Helldrake removing its last hull point. Matt desperately rolled the dice to see if the flaming metal chicken would crash onto the Necrons but the flapping fricassee smashed harmlessly into the ground.

Heldrake ready for transport

Helldrake…after being peppered with Gauss fire 😉 (Photo credit: Ben Morlok)

To add insult to injury Matts rolls on the nasty random deamon table saw one of his Plague bearers banished to the warp. The game ended with me well ahead on kill points and not quite understanding how I could have beaten two armies that should be far better than mine…..


2 thoughts on “Bristol Rampage 2013 – part 1

  1. Your denial of just how strong the Necron Codex is amazes me Michael, those lists are no better than yours, they’re just different ;-).
    A very entertaining read mate, when are you posting up the rest?

    • You misunderstand. I think the Necron codex is powerful. My objective is to try and use units that are uncommon and generally thought of as sub optimum. I believe that games are more challenging and more fun with more unexpected moments like this.

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