Bristol Rampage 2013 – Part Deux

After the first two games, and two glorious victories, I was riding high. I was feeling a little out of my depth but I’ve been here before and knew that I was going to play some good players with rock hard armies. My only thought was ‘please don’t choke’.

No one could have foreseen what would happen? Could Ben’Son lead his Cohort to total victory? Read on dear reader…read on and be amazed.

Game 3 Dave Walcott – Tau with Ork allies

So we are playing along the length of the table, not much terrain, its dark and I have a maximum range of 24 inches. Dave has Black sun filters, long range guns, twin linked everything due to some special forge world towers, and marker lights to remove any cover I manage to use. Not looking good already. Dave’s army was a great mix and bigger than I expected. It included crisis suits, Broadsides with rail guns, two Tetras, a unit of fire warriors and two units of Kroot. The Orks were led by Ghazgul himself, a unit of ten Lootas, three Lobbas, 25 Shoota boys and 25 boys.

I deployed my two six men squads behind the Aegis line, and the Annihilation barge as far forward as I could hidden from sight behind a large piece of terrain, 16 warriors deployed as far back as I could and Ben’Son on his Barge behind a large rock. Dave went first and I discovered that Forgeworld Tetras’ marker lights are very good as they removed the cover from my boss and his Broadsides blew Ben’Sons Command barge to bits beneath his metallic slippers.

In my turn Ben’Son made a run for cover but was caught by Daves Broadsides in his turn and was instantly disassembled! (Luckily he managed to reanimate! and dive behind cover next turn – Phew!) Both Monoiths arrived, and the Deathmarks that marked the crisis suits for death. The Barge popped out from cover and shot up the Tetras. I had one chance to kill stuff and did shoot up some Orks and managed to kill of the Lootas who were devastating now that there guns were also twin linked. The monoliths managed to survive the Broadside fire and even Ghazgull fluffed his assault on the leading Flying barn allowing them a second chance to kill Orks. Daves Kroot arrived from outflanking and dived on two objectives but were quickly removed by the barge and by the 16 man squad that appeared through the Monoliths Infinity gate. The Death marks debussed in Dave’s deployment zone and shot the crisis suits but were then assaulted by the shoota boys.

It was now very close. Dave had first blood, and we both held one objective. The three mid table objectives were just too dangerous to hold given the amount of fire that covered them. My Deathmarks needed to hold on to get linebreaker and draw the game. Their assault went on, and on, and on! The Broadsides finally blew up a monolith, and a lone Ghazgul assaulted and broke the 16 man warrior unit wrecking the second monolith on the way. On turn 4 Silk’Ut arrived but to late teleport through a Monolith as I had hoped as they had both been wrecked. Walking on he knew that he would have no impact on the game. The Deathmarks had now been reduced to one. He had to survive. He did and the game ended! One of the best games I have ever had.

Game 4 Scott Milne – Chaos Marines with Necron allies

On the top table I faced Scotts army with two Helldrakes and two Nightscythes crammed with immortals. For some reason my memory has totally failed me about tis game. I know it was close and that Scott was a great opponent. I remember the Helldrakes being horrible and I remember only shooting down one Nightscythe. I remember I went first and by the end of turn two my shooting and aggressive deep striking had killed all the Spawn , a unit of cultists and had a monolith ready to move onto one of the objectives.

The key moments of the game were when Silk’Ut was gunned down by cultists and immortals, and a monolith suffered a deep strike mishap which meant that an objective fell into Chaos hands. Another objective was contested and the third had a Monolith sitting on it. I had targeted the two units of Obliterators as they were the only thing that could really hurt my monoliths. If only the other monolith had survived I could have sat on two objectives with impunity! Ah, the risks of deep striking!

A second draw. Surely I should win the last game???

Game 5 Dan Sacket – Dark Eldar and Eldar

Dan’s army was unusual but effective non the less. The Baron led the Dark Eldar which consisted of a huge beast pack of 18 Chimeras. A single Venom and two units of wracks were supported by two units of nine rever jet bikes with more caltrops and fusion guns than seemd fair! The Eldar were led by a Farseer on a bike with two units of jet bikes. Finally there was a Dark Eldar flyer with twin linked lascannons and and Eldar forgeworld tank with a nasty barrage weapon that had a ‘haywire’ effect.

I was very keen to avoid the damage of those nasty sweep attacks. I deployed everything except the Deathmarks and both units of 6 warriors. Dan went first and moved his huge beast pack forward. His nasty bikes turbo boosted – one unit across the table into one of my corners, the other behind some obscuring terrain. m monoliths and Barge had a second attempt at shooting the beast pack reducing it to around three or four beasts, and Ben’Son prepared tpo charge the Baron who was with the pack. Silk’Ut left the Quad gun and charged forward in an attempt to support his Lord. My reserves all arrived and killed all but one of the reavers that had turbo’d into my deployment zone. Silk’Ut and Ben’Son both rolled well and crashed into what was left of the barons beastpack. I won the combat by killing the beast masters and the remaining beasts but as Ben’Son as in a chariot The Farseer broke off and in the following turn threw his singing spear and destroyed the Command barge. The Baron ‘hit and run’ and fled to hide behind a fortress.

The next turn saw the second unit of Reavers retreat and the single survivor all meet behind The Fortress. Dans entire army was now hiding and sniping from behind terrain. Dan was well up on kill points his D cannon had destroyed a Monolith with a lucky shot and I hadn’t killed enough. On Turn six Dan turbo’d teo units of Jet bikes into ‘line breaker’ position and my Nightscythe re entered play wiping out a unit of wracks whilst the Annihilation barge moved twelve inches and snap shot at the fleeing Reavers wiping them out. Turn seven found me ahead by one kill point but badly weakened. Dan did everything he could to produce a ciematic moment. I had two warriors in an Iron bark forest and Dan absolutely had to kill them. Despite his best shooting they managed to make their 3+ cover saves. Dan resorted to charging them with a unit of Jet bikes. When the dust cleared all I had to do was to make two 4+ armour saves.

I failed one and my final warrior fell to the ground.

What a great weekend. I really didnt think I would do so well. I manged to coem seventh but was the only undefeated player. the next four players above me had either lost to me or drawn with me so if i could have converted one draw into a win third placwe would ahve ben mine, with a possibility of a second or even first place. In effect all I managed to do was ensure that those who played me could not win and the first two players leapfrogged into the lead on the results of the last game.

Roll on next year.




2 thoughts on “Bristol Rampage 2013 – Part Deux

  1. Sounds like a great event Michael. Didn’t you get round to taking any “In game” photos?
    It’s something I usually forget to do but I find a few good photo’s really help to bring battle reps to life.
    It’s nice to hear that your unusual Necron army build held their own against some pretty nasty army’s and you remained undefeated at the end of the tournament.
    What was the points limits for Armies at the event, and do you have any thoughts on how you might evolve your Necron’s for future tournaments?

    • I’m building a Tzeentch chaos marine list so I suspect Nemesor Ben’Son and crew will remain much the same for some time now. The list was 1750 points and I’m not seeing any way to change it much although I was lacking in fast units and I’ve been toying with Tomb blades for a while now. Thanks for reading the blog Rob.

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