What A Wonderful Hobby

Hey Peeps.

It’s no secret that I think 6th edition as a tournament game is terrible, but as a beer a pretzels game I think it’s the best version of 40k that GW has ever done.

I’ve been having a great time playing a mini-campaign with Rob just lately. We’ve had so much fun that the result of the game has been secondary to the story that has evolved. The ideas that we keep coming up with have really helped to enrich our games and replace the ‘let’s practice for the next tournament’ mentality that we used to enjoy under 5th edition.

While playing the Assault On Black Reach Campaign, we both thought that we really should have a ‘Shrine to Chaos’ seeing as we were fighting on a Daemon Forgeworld. Fortunately I remembered an old plastic skull I had lying aroung that would make an ideal Soul-Shrine. So with a bit of hardboard, some Cork Bark, a plastic skull, a raid on the bits box and a few enjoyable hours of chopping things up, here is what I came up with:

Front view


Side View


Rear View


The Other Side


Top View


Turns out that it fits perfectly with one of my old objective markers.


To give the overall effect of this.


Of course, the downside to this is that my armies are receiving very little love at the moment, but such is the curse of the hobby butterfly 😉 .

I’m currently working on two separate projects, completing my Slaanesh Lord, Nestor Lustheart, Chosen of Slaanesh, complete with silver plated hand necklace, which I’m sure Steve will be interested in and making a Zone Mortalis board with Rob.

As my old (very old actually!) mentor says…..Stay Frosty!


7 thoughts on “What A Wonderful Hobby

  1. Very nice mate. How long did it take to do all in?

    And when are we starting this campaign, I’m itching for an excuse to play some games!

    • It took a couple of days to build and paint….it probably took longer to tidy up after all the chopping and emptying of my bits box than it did to build it :-).
      Patience Wolfling, the time draws near 😉

  2. Nice article Gary. As I’ve been reading the exploits of The Castigators against Nurgle’s most pestulent I’d wondered where the skull Chaos Shrine had come from and I was planning on asking whether it had been some old no longer in production GW kit.
    Both the Shrine and your objective marker look great additions to the game board.
    Where did you get the skull from incidently?
    Have you considered doing an article where you do a stage by stage tutorialon both building and painting a model as you have some beautifully modeled and painted figures/vehicles/scenery.
    I love seeing the latest edition to one of your armies, but often wondered how you come to such a great end product.
    Because I’m not a natural artist I find step by step tutorials that I discover on the net, provide me with the inspiration to try new painting or modeling projects.
    Please keep posting on the blog as I’m really enjoying your articles.

    • Cheers Rob.
      I got the skull about 12 months ago from one of those magazines that are frequently released where they supply a part each month to build up a complete model. This particular magazine was on the human body and the first issue had the skull with it (all for the special offer of 99p!). I wish I’d bought 5 now instead of the one ;-).
      I’ve never thought about a stage by stage before (sometimes I start something and it’s months before I go back to it) but I have started taking photos of the Zone Mortalis board that me and Rob are working on, which I plan to post up in the near future.
      I’ll post some photos of my Heldrake up soon (I haven’t forgotten) and try to explain what I did and show some WIP photos of my Soul Grinder when I’ve finished it for you.
      P.S. I’ve seen your models Rob, and you look like a natural to me 😉

      • Thanks Gary, I’ll be looking forward to any future modelling or painting articles you post up, And the Zone Mortalis project sounds promising also.

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