The Chaos War starts in the Southern Quadrant


Vorlath Darkskies sat on his bunk deep underground in a small fortress monastery and contemplated his long and eventful life. He had commanded great legions, fought with his Primarch on countless battlefields and had sat at his patrons right hand. That had all ended when he had clashed with his brother on a small back water planet, he could no longer remember its name but that hardly mattered as it had been declared Exterminatus shortly afterwards and the Imperium had wiped it clean.

His ignominy in defeat had been compounded by being captured by his brother, mutilated and thrown into hell after being forced to watch his warband executed or condemned to eternal torture at the hands of the Castigators. Now his tiny force were constantly on the move rebuilding their supplies, taking slaves and collecting warriors to swell his depleted ranks.

Vorlath assumed that he still held a place in his Lady’s favour as he had escaped from hell and his ruined right arm had been replaced with a monstrous claw similar to those of his daemonette allies. That said whilst he was rebuilding his army and Castigator was basking in his new found glory other much older gods had waxed stronger as the tides of chaos flowed back and forth. Nurgle was currently the strongest of these and old enemies clearly felt that the time was right to remove the brothers from the face of the galaxy. Nestor was fighting running battles with Lord Festus and now a Nurgle Daemon lord had declared war on Vorlath’s forces and the plague tide was slowly washing through the sector heading directly for his current location. Vorlath’s forces were in their final preparations to combat the daemonic horde when a Tau force also appeared in the sector creating a distraction that could not be ignored.

Activating his voice comms unit in his power armour Vorlath addressed his warriors. Put on your warpaint brothers, the Tau shall feel our wrath and then we must push the plague lord’s minions out of our sector, Our Lady demands nothing less.

The first battle of the South begins shortly with Pete’s Nurgle slime horde about to strike at me next weekend and we will be using missions from the old Battle Missions book as there are some nice themed events and new events that can be woven into a story. However, Matt’s Tau are itching to bloody themselves on my Emperor’s Children following his dramatic win yesterday against Seb’s Orks and so war will come to Stoford Prime today.


2 thoughts on “The Chaos War starts in the Southern Quadrant

  1. “Have you confirmed that it’s him?” asked Nestor as he absently stroked his macabre necklace.
    Lucian scanned his face for any clue on how best to answer. Nestor’s whims were capricious at best, but his demeanour could prove hazardous to one’s health as far as his Brother was concerned.
    “An active warband of the Emperors Children in the Southern Quadrant have been confirmed, my Lord. Reports indicate they are led by an enigmatic character who commands….”
    “All leaders of Our Lady are enigmatic Lucian, what makes this one any different, does he have an augmetic hand?”
    Lucian saw a brief flash of anger in his eyes, but was it anger directed at Lucian, anger at his procrastination or anger that his brother still lived?
    His anger was escalating as his patience grew thinner. Yes that was it, impatience was the root of his anger, and if he was impatient then perhaps that would be down to anticipation that his Brother still….
    “Must I ask again Lucian?”
    “No my Lord, no augmetics, but Our Lady has blessed him with gift so sublime that he has no need of a right hand. He has many names, some know him as the Exiled Lord, others as the Forsaken. It is said that he is one of the six Lords of Slaanesh and that he desires one thing above all others… be reunited with his brother.”
    Lucian stepped back, unsure of how Nestor would react. Too many emotions flickered behind his eyes for him to read. He glanced at his steed lying languidly at at his Lords feet, its tongue flickering out and savouring the many emotions that emanated from its master.
    Nestor rose slowly to his feet. A corona of multi-hued light emanated from his lightning claw as he stepped towards Lucian.
    Was this how it would end? thought Lucian to himself. All the knowledge he had acquired in her name, the experiences of a lifetime snuffed out because of his Lord’s obsessive preoccupation with his brother?
    Nestor lunged forward, his claws retracting at the last possible moment, hugging him in a warm embrace, he kissed him on the cheek.
    “Ah Lucian, you bring me news to make my soul sing” he whispered. Releasing him, he turned and entered his private chambers.

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