The Pillage

So the first game of the battle in the South kicked off this afternoon between the Emperor’s Children and the Tau. (Scroll down for photographs) 

The mission was Pillage where you place D3+2 tokens so four in our case and then roll for quarters to deploy in. Chaos always deploys first and on a 2+ goes first, a bit odd but we ran with it. You only deploy an HQ and 2 troops but we changed it as I had an aegis line and Matt had sensor towers so we felt these should be set up as well. The supplies can only score in your opponents turn so we had to do a bit of record keeping but nothing major.

The battle was over a small town as we felt that lots of buildings etc were needed for a supply mission and the yellow chaos stars are the objectives.


So we rolled for deployment and I chose my corner and set up the girls my prince and a squad of noise marines manning the quad gun.

Matt put in 2 units of fire warriors and an ethereal.

Rolling the dice and off we went, my daemon prince swooped across the battlefield and let loose with the lash of despair and killed a few warriors whilst the girls ran for an objective and the noise marines killed 2 warriors with the quad gun.

Matt returned fire at the prince hitting it and causing a wound but not knocking it out of the sky.



In turn 2 all of my army arrived bar the bikes and steamed forward to launch a turn 3 assault on the Tau. The prince landed and lashed the warriors again and charged only to be hosed down by overwatch fire……… Storm Eagle blasted a tower down to stop Matt getting so many rerolls and I deployed the portal glyph to summon some extra girls. In Matt’s turn all bar ShadowSun arrive and in his shooting phase the Storm Eagle was gunned from the sky by the burst cannon Riptide but with a shower of truly inspired dice Vorlath and half of his team survived the crash! Matt’s bomber flew in and bombed the daemonettes but to no effect and they also saved against all of the shooting from the other Riptide and drones, The bomber also survived the quad gun hitting it 4 times due to some filthy Tau technology.The broad sides targeted Vorlath’s unit but due to cover and FnP no one was injured.


Turn 3 saw a foot charge at the Tau as being on the ground and in the open would be the death of me. The havocs snap fired at Matts bomber but again it dodged every thing and with some other desultory shooting it was time to charge, the Riptide despite getting supporting fire from a few units was still jumped on by the girls and it was wounded 4 times to one in reverse but due to the Ethereal being in 10″ the Riptide used his leadership and stayed [this would be a recurring theme now]. Matt’s turn saw a huge wall of pulse rifle, rail gun, missiles etc all aimed at Vorlath but again cover and FnP saved the day and my warlord and now much depleted retinue struggled onwards.


Turn 4 saw Vorlath charge the fire warriors whilst his last remaining 2 men stormed off to fight another warrior squad.  few shots were fired but nothing of note. Vorlath killed 6 warriors but the ethereal kept them there. In Matt’s turn his over charged Riptide hosed down a noise marine unit and Shadow Sun puts in an arrival at last but she skirts around Vorlath and waits to pounce. In combat I manage to smack myself with my own black mace and the biker with Vorlath gets dragged down and killed.


Turn 5 saw the daemonettes kill the Riptide and charge the broadsides, Vorlath killed the unit in his combat and consolidates towards a building whilst everyone else continues the close combat. Seeing Vorlath on the loose ShadowSun calls for all units to stop him. Every spare gun unloads into him but when the smoke has settled his armour and sigil had left him on one wound. ShadowSun levelled her fusion blasters and fired. The first shot blasted the wall out of the building next to Vorlath, the second picked up the chaos lord and blew him into the hab building which promptly collapsed trapping him under tonnes of rubble. The daemonettes and noise marines remained locked in combat. Matt rolled the dice and the game ended.


So we ran through the points and it was 3 supplies each, first blood and warlord to Matt and line breaker to me so Matt won by one point. A great game and something different for a change, some good lessons learnt for both of us and again some new plot twists.

Vorlath will be dug out of the rubble shortly and his hatred of ethereals who kept the Tau in the fight will know no bounds next time. ShadowSun will have to be put in chains for her insolence and I really need a Riptide in my army to deal with the fliers like Matt’s did so effectively.



6 thoughts on “The Pillage

  1. Top read Brother. Congrats to Matt for showing the old man how it’s done 😉 That is one sexy Storm Eagle….must resist…must resist…

  2. Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun and it took a while for Matt to wipe the smile off of his face. I am not sure about the eagle as it is 300 points of flying death trap potentially but I will keep it in the list for a bit longer before any further modifications.

    • You could be right about that, from what I hear Tau can do a number one flyers….perhaps you should give it to me instead 😉

  3. Cool , been thinking of using a slaanesh prince for the rumble but at about 280 pts tis expensive, is it worth it? I’ve had no experience playing it but my Nurgle prince seems to die easy.

  4. Well my prince weighed in at 245 points, he killed 4 fire warriors and deployed the portal glyph. He then died to massed pulse rifle fire from over watch and the portal despite being down for 5 turns failed to summon any more daemonettes! so in my opinion no he wasn’t worth it. I am changing the prince for a cheap herald with the portal at 75 points instead which frees up points for another new addition to the list which I have wanted to field anyway. Stay tuned chaos fans to see what happens next weekend.

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