Bjorn does the Ribble Rumble

Sounds a bit like a dodgy adult film doesn’t it!

The Ribble Rumble is fast approaching and I’ve been busy beavering away with a list I want to take. Having finally committed to playing purely for fun it has been very liberating writing lists tbh. No longer am I agonising over whether something is effective or not, now I’ve just taken a bunch of cool stuff.

This is the list I am hoping to take to the Rumble if I get it painted in time.

So this is the list I am thinking of for the Ribble Rumble. That is a hardcore event and forgeworld is comped so it’s open season for flyers, happy days…

Bjorn [plasma cannon] 270

Obviously. I really should make him my warlord tbh and probably will do. I can’t imagine a Space Wolf army with Bjorn in where everyone didn’t look to him for leadership! I can’t decide between plasma cannon and assault cannon. I’m thinking plasma cannon because it’s cool and a bit longer ranged but I do love the look of the assault cannon!

Rune Priest [Jaws, Storm Caller] 100

I’m not sure about Storm Caller, I think it depends how it works when he is in a transport. Odds are i’d be swapping for prescience anyway but if not I may swap it out for living lightning.

Dreadnought [Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Pod] 150

I like pods and this guy could cause some annoyance for someone. Maybe. If not he will look cool coming down out of a pod and may serve as a bit of a distraction!

Dreadnought [Twin Lascannon, Twin Autocannon] 145

Dreadnought [Twin Autocannon x 2] 125

Fill the skies with bullets!

5 Grey Hunters [melta gun, Razorback with twin assault cannons and dozer blade] 160

5 Grey Hunters [melta gun, Razorback with twin assault cannons and dozer blade] 160

5 Grey Hunters [melta gun, Razorback with twin assault cannons and dozer blade] 160

10 Grey Hunters [2 plasma guns, plasma pistol, power axe, wolf standard, Rhino with dozer blade] 245

The squad of 10 dudes is there purely as an excuse to model and paint some more Grey Hunters…I figured double plasma and a plasma pistol would make a mess of a lot of units. If they ever get to fire at something!

4 Hyperios Launchers 140

I’m not sure on these guys. I think because forgeworld is comped there will be more fliers there than usual and these are pretty much the only anti air available to me. However they aren’t really that great and I can’t help but one unit is a bit like spitting in the wind. I’m tempted to swap them out for 6 Long Fangs with 5 missile launchers which is the same cost and nicer models. Or a Vindicator…

What a tiny army!


4 thoughts on “Bjorn does the Ribble Rumble

  1. Your right it is spitting in the wind. Not everyone will spam flyers though, at the gt heats I only played 4 monster flyers in two different army’s all weekend. Wolves without alies are always gonna struggle against multiple flyers at the moment. Those autocannon should cope with one or two though.

  2. I never realised Razorbacks could have twin linked Autocannons.
    I’d stick with the Hyperios, they can still fire at ground targets and are tougher than Long Fangs.

  3. Bah meant twin assault cannons.

    The issue with the Hyperios is they don’t really fit with the style of the list where everything is mech/mobile. Kind of ruins the theme a bit.

    • Agree with Gary Hyperios . Its not as though long fangs are either that mobile or mech and interceptor is still your friend against flyers.

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