What A Wonderful Hobby

I finally managed to get some painting done today, so I thought I’d show you my efforts.

I’ve been rebuilding Nestor my Slaanesh Lord for a while now. The rider alone uses 14 different parts, 12 of which are metal, so he took a lot longer to build than paint!

I Saw A Pale Rider….And His Name was Death.





Your hand makes a fine necklace Steve šŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “What A Wonderful Hobby

  1. Lovely figure Gary, however you know what I’m going to ask…..The next time you build one of your inspiring minatures could you do a bit of a step by step guide, or a before and after maybe?
    I really love the spine on your Lord’s backpack? Is it a conversion and if so what bits did you use?
    I recognise the head (I believe it’s a standard Chaos Marine one from the plastic boxset).
    I believe the Flamer is the now very classic first incarnation Raptor weapon.
    Is the right hand shoulder pad some incarnation of Raptor (2nd metal edition or new plastic set)?
    As for the other bits not so sure.
    Thanks for sharing and is Steve’s right hand scratch sculpted?

    • Lol, I started him a while ago but the next thing I convert I promise to take WIP piccies. The back pack is from the Dark Vengence CSM Lord, the cape is from the Dark Vengence CSM champion, the shoulder pads are Noise Marine pads. You’re bang on with the Burning Brand ;-).
      The hand necklace if from a Dark Eldar model, as is the lightning claw….an old Archon model I think.

  2. Well its a great conversion (even if it is Slaaneshi). I take it the skull and spine draws on “Predator” as your inspiration?

    • I thought it had the right Slaaneshi chic. The Steed makes it clear that it’s Slaanesh so I went for a more butch head….although if you look carefully he is wearing stilettos šŸ˜‰

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