A wonderful hobby from the southern perspective

Well not to my brother’s standard but here is Vorlath in his reconstructed glory and sporting a nice new shiny claw to replace his old flesh and blood hand!









3 thoughts on “A wonderful hobby from the southern perspective

  1. Looking mighty fine there…..Brother.
    The head is sublime, it has that slightly disturbing yet strangely sensual look that typifies Slaanesh. The torso is ace and I love the legs. All in all, a truly evocative model.
    Please share where all the bits came from.

  2. Thank you mate. The parts are mainly possessed body, legs and back pack, with a few tweaks, the mace is from the fantasy chaos chariot as is the head. Claw from my bits box as I seem to have a few for some reason. Cloak from max mini. [jewellery and shoes are the models own, lol]. It was actually one of easiest builds for a long time rather than my multi part metal constructs that I normally build. Perhaps plastic is the way to go and I have some nice ideas for the fantasy hell strider models, but then conversions have always been a great love of mine as you know, it’s just a shame that my vision isn’t what it used to be for the painting side now.

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