The southern invasion begins

Vorlath lay in his rubble tomb, trapped by the weight of ferrocrete that pinned him down, not that he had anything to worry about as his Daemonic Armour could sustain him in far worse atmospheres than this. That said his mind had nothing to occupy it and so he raged. His ire targeted the Tau particularly the blue skinned ethereal that commanded his warriors to hold rather than flee making it a drawn out fight rather than the steam roller that it should have been. Secondly Shadowsun would be seen in chains at his feet begging for her life before he threw her to the fiends.

His mind wandered imagining more intricate tortures for the Tau when he should have noticed the weight on his chest was lessening, fresh air filtered in at last sunlight streamed through a gap in the ferrocrete. A burst of binary followed by a staccato “I have found him” mechandrites reached in and around Vorlath cutting back girders and shifting slabs. Vorlath shock himself free and stood up. The Warpsmith nodded and stalked back across the town to the wreckage of the Storm Eagle. Vorlath followed whilst watching his war band collecting the last of the supplies from the remaining buildings.

“Will she fly again Warpsmith?” Again a burst of binary followed, Vorlath smiled and repeated the question, the Warpsmith turned ” my apologies Lord, I will speak Gothic in your presence” despite being more machine than man he had still picked up the malice in Vorlath’s tone. ” The Eagle will fly again, the machine spirit is in pain but will recover but it will take time to heal it’s wounds”. ” Very well, we will have to fight the Plague Lord’s minions on foot then” responded Vorlath.

The first mission of the campaign will be Invasion from the 40k scenario book with the daemons bursting into normal space and attempting to over whelm the Emperor’s Children.

Pictures and report to follow.


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