The Slime Lord attacks!

The first battle of the Southern offensive begins. The mission is Invasion from the battles book and so Pete’s daemon army can deploy in the center of the table or deploy from deep strike as they wish. I had to set up around the edges of the table and the daemons always go first.


Dorkosis Great Unclean One of Nurgle looked through the warp rift onto the fertile planet below and gestured to his waiting horde to break through into normal space. The plague bearers and lesser daemons hurried to do his bidding and dived through, whilst he and his champions, Ghancroid [daemon prince] Herpes and Malaria [heralds] and Krytos [plague hulk] held back just in case of an ambush.

Vorlath and his war band had used the services of a rogue astropath and had determined the exact location of the first strike and so had deployed around the village and hills to encircle the portals location hoping to stop the incursion dead in it’s tracks.



Turn 1,

Dorkosis’s quad gun opens fire on Vorlath’s and shockingly wounds it. The central portal glyph summons another 5 plague bearers to swell the unclean ranks and they hunker down behind the aegis line waiting for back up before breaking out.

In return the Slaanesh big guns open fire hosing the plague bearers down despite their stealth and shrouded abilities and the fact that they were in cover. The fiends sensing blood charged forwards and leapt onto the remaining daemons in the center, they killed 6 and wounded the herald who promptly vaporised due to instability. The fiends retreated and waited for another prey to expose itself.


Turn 2, all of the Nurgle daemons arrived bar one unit of bearers and Malaria and deep struck all over the Slaanesh marines. The Nurglings suffered a mishap and were blasted across the battlefield to end up in an uncontested corner but miles away from the action. Dorkosis summoned his magic and cast his spells onto himself becoming a massively empowered slime ball. One unit of plague bearers crash into the terrain and lose 2 whilst the Warpsmith gunned another 2 down with his quad gun. The drones target the havocs in the aegis line but despite the virulent poisons no one falls but the Plague Hulk vomits over Vorlath’s unit killing 3 of the lords retinue.


Vorlath’s army retaliates to the massive influx of daemons by shooting a hail of lead at the drones dropping 2 whilst Vorlath and co shoot the plague bearers in the woods but fail to charge far enough to catch them. The Warpsmith charged out of cover into the drones trusting his flesh metal armour to protect him from the worst of the corruption but the plague was too strong and he fell without even striking a blow.


Turn 3.

Dorkosis casts his magic again and again empowers himself with strength, toughness 10, extra initiative and attacks! 2 more plague bearers arrive through the portal glyph  and the warp storm suddenly blows heavily bringing the Dark Prince Thirsts [bloody typical] but as the storm died down nothing on either side was damaged. Ghancroid kills 2 Noise Marines with his corrosive breath and the Hulk kills 5 more of Vorlath’s unit with his daemonic vomit [yep really nice way to go]. The plague bearers charge Vorlath’s unit and the drones charge the havocs,Vorlath struck down the herald with his black mace in the challenge [life stealer and flesh bane helps a lot] the marines kill a few plague bearers who in return kill a couple of marines, the daemons shimmer as instability threatens to destroy them but they hang on.



5 daemonettes stride out from the Slaanesh portal Glyph and everything that can shoot does so. The fiends charge at the Hulk hoping to stop it shooting and Arkon the Hellbrute opens fire on Ghancroid taking 2 wounds off of him, the Noise Marines add to the pain and do another wound on the deamon prince but fail to kill him. Vorlath in a major show of martial prowess cuts down the remaining bearers and sweeps forwards to engage Dorkosis. The fiends strip a hull point off of the hulk and lose one of their pack for their trouble but they continue the fight distracting Krytos from shooting at their lord.


Turn 4. Ghancroid spews his corrosive breath over the noise marines killing 2 more leaving a lone warrior who was in no doubt that the next few seconds would see the end of his long war as the prince charged and dispatched him without blinking. The warp storm blew strangely stripping the daemons armour from them and meant that in combat the mortals had the advantage and cut the plague minions down whilst they had the chance. The fiends ripped the legs off of Krytos and he exploded in a shower of pus injuring the fiends but not killing them.

Vorlath charges Dorkosis and wielding his black mace he struck the Plague Lord eight times and again the combination of flesh bane and life stealer left the monster in pieces on the battlefield. Vorlath headed back towards Ghancroid to avenge his warriors whilst Arkon tied the prince up in combat but receiving a glancing hit for his trouble. She who thirsts gifted Vorlath with Hatred of Daemons from the death of the herald and now she gave him shred after slaying the plague lord.


Turn 5

The long conflict between the drones and the havocs was drawing to a close as the war of attrition was going in Nurgles favour. Malaria and his retinue arrived to threaten the noise marines and second havoc unit. The drone finally kills the havoc champion and settles onto the slaanesh quad gun hoping to use it on the mortals but is shot by the other havocs and the noise marines charge the plague bearers but Malaria cuts down all bar one of the marines but being fearless he decides to hang around anyway as he spies a unit of daemonettes racing towards him. The daemonettes charge is headlong and brutal as they slaughter the plague bearers and again instability overwhelms the minions and they vanish from the battlefield. Vorlath charges Ghancroid and is wounded twice but then strikes the prince down.



Turn 6

A raging firestorm strikes the field but no one is wounded and the plague lords forces go for an all out charge to seize objectives around the warp rift to cement their position but to no avail as the nurglings are killed by the daemonettes and the last plague bearers are torn asunder by the fiends. Vorlath slowly sat down to ease his wounds, they had won but at what cost? The Plague Lord had been banished and Vorlath’s forces held 2 of the summoning stones which would slow up Nurgle’s plans but this would not stop him striking again and soon.

Finally Vorlath’s secret weapon hidden in a plague hulk 🙂



5 thoughts on “The Slime Lord attacks!

  1. Is this a new army for Pete? It’s looking really rather nice! Another champion of Nurgle to aid the struggle:-)

    • TO my Brother nurgle in the north are armys should gather as one to put these pescky pinkys of slaanesh to rest Dorkosis the great unclean one

  2. Dorkosis the great unclean one went down to Vorlath but he faild to look back.Reality blinked Dorkosis had gone something else had caught his attention, gun fire from the other valley.Back in the garden of nurgle krytos was remoulding back together but next to him something else was there .Now his attention turned to the ruck that stopped him KILLING that pesky pink marine of slaanesh TAU ORKS what do they want here time to put them to rest?

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