Meanwhile others plot the downfall of the chaos lords

Shadowsun scoped in on the clash between the 2 chaos armies and smiled to herself as she watched the devastation inflicted on both sides. This will make the prey easier to dispose of as they whittle their resources down she thought. Suddenly over her vox channel came a report from the forward fire warrior units. Commander a large force of orks is heading straight for us! Clipping on her fusion guns and jetting towards her stealth unit she gave out her orders to prepare an ambush of their own.

The Tau and Orks first battle would be the Eternal Waaagh as the orks desperate for a fight head straight at Vorlath and Dorkosis hoping to massacre both depleted forces but head straight into the Tau. The battlefield has five objectives, the orks deploy and go first and once the waagh is called it stays on for the rest of the game. The downside is that once the waagh is underway then no ork gets a cover save as they are too excited about getting to grips with the enemy.




Turn 1

The orks barrel across the table spraying fire at the Tau and dropping a few warriors but the ethereal kept them in line.

Shadowsun leapt from cover vaporising the battle wagon with her first shot and exploded taking 9 orks with it . Everything that could then targeted the mega nobs and the overcharged Riptide scored 11 wounds on them but all were saved, the dethkoptas came under massed pulse rifle fire and fled backwards but later rallied.



Turn 2

The orks continue the surge, their fighter turns up and they hose the Tau lines. The tank bustas target Longstrike and shake the vehicle whilst the fighter and lootas shoot the lead Riptide stripping 3 wounds from it. The Broadsides come under sustained fire and lose their drones and one suit is wounded but again the ethereal’s calming presence keep the tau line firm.

The tau bomber swoops onto the field dropping bombs on the shoota boys and the drones overcharge their weapons dropping 2 more templates killing half the unit. The Riptide overcharges again and combined with the broadsides clears the tankbustas from the field. The other Riptide also nova charges and cuts holes through the lootas whilst the fire warriors move up and with invocation of fire gun down a huge swathe of orks. All in all a very brutal second turn.



Turn 3

Sees the dakka jet shoot the Riptide stripping more wounds off of it whilst the lootas target the broadsides and force a panic test which is passed. The orks then charge the fire warriors but with over lapping fields of supporting fire not one ork makes it into combat!

The tau bomber screams off over the lootas and bombs them whilst the fire warriors finish off the dethkoptas and lone orks from other units.

Turn 4

The dakka jet targets the Riptide doing 6 wounds which most are saved but leaving it on one wound the lootas shoot 39 shots into the broadsides killing one and taking he last man to one wound. The war boss charges Shadowsun and despite a valiant show of over watch killing 4 orks on the way in they still make it. The stealth suits are destroyed and Shadowsun is batted by the war boss and collapses out of the fight. Her vital signs are weak but she is still breathing.

The tau forces seeing their commander fall tear into the war boss and his unit and a combination of overcharged weapons, bombs and seeker missiles sees the war boss on his knees and dragging himself away into cover and out of the line of sight of the tau fire storm.



Turn 5

The lootas prepare for their last stand and blow a Tetra to pieces as it tried to outflank them. The grots on the quad gun target the Riptide but fail to wound the monster. The tau bomber leaves combat airspace and between the Riptide, Broadside and Longstrike 10 lootas are gunned down.

Turn 6

The last 3 lootas shoot at the Riptide but with fewer guns now they fail to hit it, but the grots show them how it is done and wound the Riptide twice.

The Riptide nova charges his weapons and fries most of the grots despite the aegis line and Longstrike destroys the last lootas.


In the final reckoning the Tau had cleared the field, killed the warlord and gained first blood so a good win to them. That said Pete and I watched with disbelief as the Tau put out so much fire that it stopped 30 man ork units in their tracks and would be a real problem for either of us to fight [pesky kids].



2 thoughts on “Meanwhile others plot the downfall of the chaos lords

  1. Good read. Tau are pretty nasty now. I think they will be the ‘necrons’ of 6th edition personally.

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