The Storms of Judgement – The Storm Breaks

Nestor surveyed the scene before him and smiled. Before him stood a tangle of blistered metal, fused stone and ruptured flesh twisted together into a perversion of sculpture offering sweet praise to She Who thirsts. Daemonettes danced and cavorted around the obscene monolith, taking it in turns to hang the bodies of fallen Space Wolves and Black Templars onto its grotesque protrusions.

Nestor watched with amusement as the Daemonettes dropped their macabre trophies at the sight of N’kari approaching them. The Daemonettes rushed towards the Keeper of Secrets, encircling him like eager children who run towards a parent ready to tell them all about their day. The beguiling daemon held aloft the body of a marine in its lacquered claws, laughing as his children leapt into the air to try to claim their present. The Space Wolf let out a moan and a squeal of delight pierced the air as the Daemonettes realised their present still lived. Within a heartbeat their childish glee turned to wanton lust and their arousal threatened to bring down the mighty daemon. An orgy of violence erupted as N’kari tossed the marine into their midst.

Nestor’s comm-link crackled into life…..”Area secure, my Lord. Shall we make camp?”

“Negative, our allies are not yet spent, prepare to move out.” Replied Nestor as he turned towards his troops. Behind him the Space Wolf begin to scream….

Neil Gibbons, Paul Scott, Michael Bolton, Alex West and myself met up last weekend at Warhammer World for a few games to trial our armies for the Ribble Rumble. Much fun was had by all and I thought the games would be the ideal start for the Storms of Judgement campaign.

The Battle for Hellfrost

The Crusade of Deliverance

Two Imperial armies were sighted, A Space Wolves/Black Templar and a pure Space Wolves army. Conditions should have been ideal for the warriors of Fenris, and in a sneaky ploy they over-loaded one detachment to claim the Spaceport. Unfortunately this was to the detriment of the other detachments and they failed to claim any further territory.

The Prophets of War

The Nicotine Necrons, Tau and the capricious Castigators all fought for the Prophets. The Necrons leading the way and over the two days three territories were claimed.

The Slave to Darkness

The Castigators, a Khorne Daemon army with Heldrake allies and a Death Guard army looked to be smashing all before them in the early stages, but fortunately like typical baddies they started fighting amongst themselves! The Castigators had managed to knoble Festus Blightmaster’s navigator, leaving them stranded in the warp, only for another Festus, Festus Giftbringer to turn up on the second day and give the Castigators a sound spanking! Even with all the double dealing going on the Slaves to Darkness still managed to claim three territories.


So control of Hellfrost is in the balance, with the Prophets of War and the Slaves to Darkness on three territories each and the Crusade of Deliverance clinging on to one.

All three Factions are free to attack Lathe and Misery, but should the Imperium try to take more territories on Hellfrost or push on regardless?…..Only you can decide!


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