The Storms of Judgement – from the eyes of the Rout

Aldrek looked across the table at his Wolf Guard.

“The Crusade of Deliverance!” He said, the derision evident in his growling voice. “I see no crusade. Hymril, the headstrong fool that he was, is gone and our Templar allies have left the crusade as quickly as they joined. There are no other Imperial forces apart from us. Tell me, how does that constitute a crusade? Even better, go and tell those idiots who organised our sending off ceremony”

Moving to look out of the viewing port at the planet Hellfrost, Aldrek continued “We can not win this campaign. The forces of chaos are too strong here. But that does not matter, the Pandora Cluster has never been important to the Imperium. What is important is that we achieve the objective Lord Bjorn sent us here for.”

Aldrek’s Wolf Guard murmured their acceptance of his words. They didn’t know what Lord Bjorn had tasked Aldrek with but they were sure it was of vital importance to the Imperium. After all, to have even awoken Lord Bjorn signified matters of great importance were afoot. Filing out of the strategum the Wolf Guard headed to their assigned squads, ready to launch on a moments notice.

Aldrek continued to gaze out of the viewport as he planned his meagre forces next moves. The task Lord Bjorn had set him was no easy task and would take all of his cunning to achieve. No, it was not an easy task at all…


3 thoughts on “The Storms of Judgement – from the eyes of the Rout

  1. Defeat leads to bitterness, bitterness leads to pain, pain leads to suffering….Aldrek the Defeatist had already taken the first steps on the dark path….the laughter of Tzeentch echoed across the warp….

  2. But Tzeentch had bigger plans. His own numerous defeats had led him to this place. The one place he had planned all along as his destination. He did not need to win any battles except the last one and that was far, far into the future. He grinned and laughed as he relished every defeat that brought him nearer to ultimate victory. For him defeat led not to bitterness but to glory.

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