Encounter at Fahrenheit 451

Tosis was in utter disdain of his orders to pick through the rubble of this shanty collection of buildings, he wasn’t even sure if what he searched for was of any use. This little foray was probably just to keep him busy while Festus concocted another of his delicious serums. He would however, have to bide his time, if only he could see combat today. He needed to hone his skills,  Festus could not be blind-sided easily and he would need all the practice he could if his coup was to be successful. Just as his frustration was about to be exacted on an unfortunate member of the Eidos  Loimos cult,  movement was detected on the other side of the compound and although this was supposed to be a recon mission, his impatience got the better of him.

We played a game of Killzone (an add-on ruleset for 40k using 250pts worth of models) on Wednesday for a territory on the moon of Misery. The skirmish took place deep underground in a derelict mining compound classified Fahrenheit 451.

Tosis Mire, aspiring champion of Nurgle and his Contagion Plague Marines were tasked with securing the compound and he brought along 6 cultists from the Eidos Loimos cult to rummage around in the filth for anything of use.

The Castigators had the same idea and Darius Lewdgrip, aspiring champion of Squad Divine led his squad and 6 cultists from the Sullied into the compound in an attempt to discover just what the miners had been tunnelling for.

Within minutes of entering the compound shots rang out as the two forces clashed….


The Death Guard came in from the North, their primary objective was to claim the high ground of the main ruin on the left. The Castigators deployed in the South, Darius Lewdgrips mission was simple, take out double his kill points of the enemy.


Tosis Mire wasted no time in getting to grips with the enemy and urged his warband forward. Plague Marines and cultist rushed through the ruins and headed for the high ground…


….while Tosis headed for the old Imperial Shrine in the centre. The Death guard and cultist lay down suppression fire, but with so much debris scattered around nobody was hit.

Darius move up the left side eager to get to grips with the enemy, supported by two Slaanesh Marines…


Two Slaanesh Marines escorted Cinders, the cultist with a flamer,  up alongside Darius ready to cover him should he need it…


In the centre three of the Sullied tried to leap across to the central shrine but the cultists misjudged the distance and all three dropped to the ground, one them impaling herself on the shrine’s buttress!  On the right three more Slaanesh marines ran through the cover to try and outflank the Death Guard. Finally two Slaanesh Marines climbed the ruins and lay down some suppression fire. Although both shots hit and wounded, the Plague Marine felt no pain and shrugged off the bolter rounds.


Tosis Mire continued towards the central shrine, while the cultist with heavy stubber and Plague Marine covered him…


On the left a fire-fight erupted as the Plague Marines moved up through the ruins…


The Plague Marine carrying the Plasma gun opened fire on the Slaanesh Marine vaporising the rubble as the Slaaneshi Marine dropped to the ground. Bolters whistled through the air killing the Marine next to Darius, Darius attempted to use his fallen body as a shield but a bolter hit him in his right arm, detonating inside and shredding his limb below the elbow…effectively taking him out of the battle!

With the loss of Darius, the Castigators’ left push evaporated. The two Slaanesh Marines and Cinders pressed on regardless, determined to exact revenge for the maiming inflicted upon their leader…


Cinders doused Tosis and the Plague Marine in fire and although the Plague Marine lit up like a bonfire, once again he felt no pain. The cultists in the centre ran to the right and joined the Slaanesh Marines, ready to storm the right flank next turn…


In the centre, the two Slaanesh marines and Cat of the Sullied moved forward to give covering fire to their advance, but their shots pattered harmlessly off of the Plague Marine’s armour…


The Plague Marines on the left consolidated their position, the Plasma gunner took aim at the lone Slaanesh Marine as he picked himself up from the rubble but his aim was off and he failed to harm him, as did his comrades. The Flamer Plague Marine moved towards the centre and hosed the two Slaanesh Marines and Cinders with promethium, killing a marine and roasting Cinders. On the right, the Death Guard sprung their ambush….


…Bolter shells and Autogun shells filled the air, but the fusillade failed to cause any damage. Tosis Mire moved over and charged into combat with the lead Marine and both of the Slaaensh Marines and a Cultist moved up to support him. Tosis laughed as the Marines and cultist failed to land any telling blows, with contemptuous ease he cut down the leading Slaanesh Marine, it all proved too much for the Slaanesh Marines and the Cultist and as they turned to flee, he butchered all of them (three failed leadership tests and three failed rolls to get away!), leaving the two remaining cultists looking on in horror…


The two cultists, realising that the mighty aspiring champion was beyond their capabilities split up, one climbed the walk way and the other moved to get a line of sight on the Cultists who had supported Tosis’ devastating charge….


Both of the Sullied opened fire on the Nurgle Cultists and finally the Castigators killed one!

On the right the lone Slaanesh Marine moved through the ruin towards the plasma gunner Plague Marine, levelling his melta gun to exact some revenge on him…and missed. He charged in determined to finish off his adversary and plunged his combat weapon through his midriff, only to look on in disbelief as the plague ridden monstrosity felt no pain, laughing into his face his adversary plunged his plague knife into his throat and dropped him to the ground!

In the centre a Slaanesh Marine and Cat leapt towards the central shrine but both misjudged and plummeted to the ground unhurt. The remaining Slaanesh Marine sniped at a Plague Marine but failed get through his armour…


The surviving Slaanesh marine from the flamer attack charged into the Plague Marine and but neither could inflict any damage..


The Death guard moved through the ruins all across the compound securing the area as they went. The Slaanesh Marine in the centre fell to Tosis Mire’s bolt pistol and to add insult to injury the Slaanesh Marine stood atop the ruins was brought down by a Plague Cultists autogun shot. The Plague Marines in the centre moved across to help out their brother locked in combat but it was unnecessary as the Plague Marine gutted the final Slaanesh Marine in combat.

Cat moved towards Tosis Mire and raised her autogun….


Tosis removed his helmet and looked at her.

“Enough!” he barked at her.

“Return to your masters and tell them that despite their best efforts, the Death Guard have arrived. Tell them that Tosis Mire controls Fahrenheit 451.”

Cat shouldered her autogun and began the climb to the surface.

“Tell your Lord Nestor that the next time we meet, I hope for a more worthy foe!” 


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