The Relic

Dorkosis shifted his bulk to cast a rheumy eye over the planet spinning below him through the veil that separated warp space from reality. At last he grunted in pleasure as he spied the target that he had been searching for. In his excitement he let rip with a burst of flatulence that sounded like a flock of furies taking flight much to the delight of the nurglings around his feet who clapped and cheered at the stench, well most of them did whilst those closer to the source turned even greener than usual and a few keeled over.

Pointing at small outpost and a shining beacon at the center he gestured for his minions to seize the relic.

The mission was the relic and Pete fielded his daemonic horde whilst Seb tried to steal the prize with his Orks.

The daemons set up first and went first.


Dorkosis deploys the warp portal and a lone plague bearer arrives.

The drones charge forwards for a better view of the enemy along with the nurglings. The Plague Hulk vomits over the Orks killing 7 whilst Dorkosis casts iron arm and swells as his toughness increases. The warp was quiet and nothing happened.


The orks steam forwards with the warboss and mega nobs in a trukk and the dethkoptas shadow them for support. The lootas target Dorkosis doing 10 wounds on him but he saves all bar 2, the boys shoot the lone bearer and kill it, first blood to the Orks. The dethkoptas and warlord shoot at the nurglings killing 2 bases.


Turn 2

daemons deep strike all over the rear of the ork army and spread out, the drones charge killing 7 boys and the orks break and run but the fast flies run them down, the plague hulk again vomits over a squad of boys killing another 5. The nurglings scurry towards the relic and again the warp is quiet.


The dakkajet arrives and hoses the daemon prince who shrugs off the hail of lead and the daemon quad gun blows a gun off of the jet for it’s trouble. Snikrot and his kommandoes arrive and shoot the bearers on the quad gun, a unit of boys head towards the relic and the warboss and retinue de-bus towards the daemons.The lootas open up on the plague bearers but shrouded and cover fails to wound them.Combat erupts all of the field as the orks charge but all combats are either draws or the units pass their leadership tests. Dorkosis smiles to himself and pushes through the mega nobs to get at the warlord.


Turn 3

The plague hulk vomits over the kommados killing 8 whilst the plague bearers and beasts move to clear up the mess that was left. The prince flies towards the lootas intending to shut them down whilst the unengaged plague bearers hunt down the boys. Again the warp is silent but the ork screams split the air. The prince wipes out the lootas despite taking 2 wounds from over watch, the shoot boys are still in a stalemate combat with the nurglings despite being stood on the relic and they can see the warlord and meganobs getting pulled apart by Dorkosis and his plague bearer retinue and know that they are next on the menu. The drones wipe out another unit and the kommandos are wiped out leaving Snikrot staring a rather unpleasant vista of beasts and plague bearers all after his blood.

The orks not in combat fire for all they worth at the daemonic horde but despite everything they fail to kill a model. In combat the Nurgle forces wipe out their opponents apart from the nurglings who are eventually squashed under foot by the boys.

Night settles in and tracer fire lights the sky as the dakkajet is shot down, the warp storm, blows strongly making up for it’s lack of power earlier and vaporizes a herald. Dorkosis swarms forwards and assaults the boys on the relic along with the prince and between them clear the area. The The plague hulk charges out of cover and rips the battle wagon to pieces whilst the beasts get the better of Snikrot and eat him.



The orks battle onto the end and manage to gun the prince down with shoota fire but it is too little too late as Dorkosis grabs the relic and vanishes from the field followed by his minions leaving only death behind them.


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